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13.12.2021, 17:58

We all know that Vostok is small studio with busy hands and lack of resources.

So why not let the community do the work the Devs would otherwise have to do?

Off course the community cannot edit the code, but we could gather the textures and make models.

Especially regarding weapon models, I understand that Vostok uses special technique where they do 360° photos of a real firearm and then convert it into model.

The playerbase in USA, Canada, Latvia, Switzerland, Czech and Slovak republics etc. has a lot of real firearms - so why not release a HOWTO describing how to set up a mini-studio with the firearm and necessary lightning and DYI camera rig, and let the community do all the hard work collecting the 360° photoshoots of new firearms?

The Vostok would declare a Contest, where only the photos which are technically useful without major work hours investment on VG's side would apply.

And also maps. If VG releases the map editor and some rudimentary HOWTO plus Survarium "edit mode" where the player would be able to walk on his WIP map in singleplayer, I'm sure the community would over time create better HOWTO, then new maps, then maybe english translation of the editor and even more maps...
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15.12.2021, 03:25

There was a guy not long ago (this year) who was ready to create the 3d model of a new weapon. I don't know all the details but even with all of this on the plate, VG rejected this proposal. Having a weapon model is like 5-10% of total work of adding a weapon into the game. VG also need:

- Low poly model
- PBR textures
- Animations (engine specific)
- Set it up (create a config with all weapon stats, modules, etc).

In short, they won't be able to easily add a weapon just because someone sends them a model. And then there's the problem about copyright claims even if the models are changed.
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17.12.2021, 12:16

It is not the players job to do Vostoks job tbh.
And the games issue is not not enough weapon models. It is balancing of said weapons, balancing of player skills, balancing of everything, map design, slow development, lies to the playerbase, stubborness and some incompetent people in the non-Russian community. (CM who spreads info that is not even there anymore and gets mad at people correcting him or straight up lying).
I played this game first during what? 0.24? And till now it is barely anything. What Vostok has done in... I believe 6 years as an official game developer studio with funding and publishers was done better and faster by so many indie teams so many times.
What did we get in 6 or so yeard besides a handful of new guns, since these can be done easily and any modeler who needs months for a gun model should be ashamed of himself?
I believe one actual map being London, and 2? smaller event maps? Putting walls in slaughter is not making new maps.
We got what? 2 new game modes being Artifact and That... research it was. Slaughter is just TDM with less map.
2 skilltrees which are just numbers and small icons, anyone who needs more than a week for this should quit his career.
Oh, I forgot. The AI mode. Barely a skeleton of something they promised being fully there in 2015.
If I am wrong, or forgot M A S S I V E updates to the game, correct me.

To be honest. The biggest thing Vostok is actually developing is balance. But Vostok is like a chicken without a head running around on a chess board. It annoyed the hell out of me what they did years ago, and they still do it. Rebalancing everything without much brain every half a year or so. Why?

This game will never, ever be at that stage they promised us 7 years ago. Why? Because a game needs a base. And building upon it. Vostok tears down their tower of Babylon every year expecting the new one to be the last one. And it doesn't work.
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