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11.06.2021, 11:06

Hi, please update the game so that there are more attachments for weapons including barrel, mag, stock, scope, grip, options for all weapons. I would really like to put a mini scope on the Colt Python, it might suck but that is the player's choice. Or like a drum mag on most weapons (Uzi). You can even make it so that you should obtain it through ranked points or something.
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15.11.2021, 19:11

The thing is that such an update would require new weapon models and an entire rework of the current attachments system.
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Tovarish Pavel
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26.11.2021, 12:11

the only thing that can be done as to what is appropriate to the title is to remove the cheat codes and cheaters from the game...many players left due to more and more people finding a way to cheat in this game....
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