Victory in Europe Day 2020!

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08.05.2020, 18:21

75 years ago the German Instrument of Surrender was signed marking the end of the war in Europe. Today we remember and honor millions of people who sacrificed their lives to stop that nightmare.

History should remind us about the horrors of the past, and humanity should do everything in its power to prevent that history from repeating. Never again!

To commemorate V-Day in Europe, we are having faction challenge with unique rewards – fight in the game, not in reality!

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27.11.2020, 16:02

You should make it an annual thing
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04.12.2020, 15:24

You had no problem with german clan "NSDAP"... Hypocrites.
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06.12.2020, 06:47

Sidero:You had no problem with german clan "NSDAP"... Hypocrites.

I do not see how is that clan name problem unless vostok games themselves created it and manage it lol. Even then it would not be big deal, does EA support fascism and eliminating jews because there are germans in battlefield world war 1 and world war 2 games?

It is like chocolate company saying "war is bad, thanks for trying to be peaceful" on twitter
and then someone buys this chocolate and gives it to military personel (for example wife to his husband)
You will come in like "omgomgomg hypocrites, u actually support war go and ask for the chocolate to be given back to you"

That is not how it works you big dum-dum. And to not remove something is not supporting it either.
Lets see that on example user1: Racism is good user2: Racism is bad Company: no action

so does it make the company's stance racist or anti racist ???
Is debate platform that allows KKK to peacefully debate black people racist?
I will just remind you that KKK lost leader purely because black dude debated him.
If you would ban such debate there would be no progress and KKK would have millions of members instead of current 7.
If i visit your home and eat dog there that i had in my pocket, are you supporter of dog eating?
Oftentimes to prevent someone's idea reaching other people results in exact opposite of intended effect. You basically build echo chamber for them and remove possibility of correcting their reasoning.
As recent example of this:
Youtube now bans videos that debunk conspiracy theories like flat earth, crystal healing, anti-vaccinating, moon landing etc.
So there is no one to challenge their beliefs and it will result in deaths and in better cases in lack of education.

To become hypocrite you need to act contradictory. "I hate wine, do not drink it guys" and then drink the wine in secret and be like "i love this shit"

but because as i've proven above to not take action against something does not mean that you support it you can not make that case here.
just think about how many things do you not support, and yet you also do not spend 24hours per day fighting it.
Did you go out and crushed every fascist today? If not then you are yourself fascist. You can do this with everything.
Did you go out and give all money avaible to you to every poor person tonight? NO?! You support poverty and human starvation.
Did you go out and try to save every dog, cat and ill person in your country. No again? You monster!

If you say that "every inaction is support of x" then you dig yourself hole so deep that you will be unable to ever climb out of it. Even if you tried to really fight everything you do not support, you would quickly find out that you do not have infinite time, resources and that you do not even know what it means to "fight" some of these things correctly.

To put it in formal logic belief A-N neutral behavior /= belief -A
so you do not arrive at p & not-p

If just letters NSDAP make you outraged what is next step, banning mentioning germany from any books, movies, documents? Perfect way for history to repeat itself, because you will become unable to look at the past mistakes and prevent them.

Be careful about banning/censoring anything, because if it becomes the norm you may very quickly become the one getting banned or censored. It will never matter who is right when the debate itself will be prevented from happening.
You may think that 2+2=4 but i will turn it to *+*=* with some censorship and then put you in jail for even trying to claim that.

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