What game costs the makers to make it and more questions?

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13.01.2020, 01:51

1. What this game costs the makers to make it?

2. Is Survarium clearing the expenses?
a. Example. The pictures and graphics made had to be made by partly by professional people.

3. Is Survarium getting profits now?
If so, what?

Timothy Mullenix
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13.01.2020, 09:25

Do you really think somebody will disclose this ...?
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13.01.2020, 11:18

wtf is wrong with him...?
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13.01.2020, 16:06

apfelmu2:wtf is wrong with him...?

He is trying to give cpr for dead forums
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13.01.2020, 16:38

The facts is the games update appear less frequently and contain less content than it was 2-3 year ago, so you can deduce yourself why this is happening, it's not very difficult ;>
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