Putting players close to same level in matches or not!

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29.12.2019, 23:55

How does that operate?

That would be fair. My character is currently level 7.

Light, medium, and heavy armor. And that can be important.

Timothy Mullenix
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31.12.2019, 19:29

There are not enough players so you get players with slightly higher level. If you have hard time playing against those I suggest you go buy Shturm armor set in army faction (tier 3) and some of low tiers assault rifles (AKM, AK-74M, M4) so you have chance against those with better gear.
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31.12.2019, 22:33

Try shooting enemies in the head as much as you can. ;)
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31.12.2019, 23:28

It's useful to note that you will have higher level player/s in your team as well.

You have to count on your team to perform and hopefully your higher ranked teammates can suppress the other team's top players to give you a chance to do your best.
Sometimes it doesn't work and you get spanked but when it does work you find that you can have a fun match and feel like you helped your team and maybe learned some things from the higher ranked players.
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01.01.2020, 20:38


Timothy Mullenix
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