Survariums Noob Guide

Here you can discuss the game in general and provide us your opinion or feedback on the project.

27.12.2019, 18:55

General Gaming:

Make sure to get enough FPS (Frames per Second) ingame. The number is shown in the upper left corner of your screen. Experienced players reccomend at least around 120 fps constantly and above for smooth gameplay. Turn off vsync and adjust the graphics to get more FPS. Tip: Shadows and Resolution Scale eat a lot FPS.

-144hz Monitor-
The refreshing rate of usual older monitors is limited to 60hz. In case u got a smaller amount of money to invest, go grab a 144hz monitor. Comparing playing on 60hz monitor vs 144hz monitor is like day & night:

Make sure to play ONLY in your nearest located server. Higher pings generally cause disadvantages.

Many people underestimate how much sound can affect your gameplay. What looks like Wallhack is often enemy registration via sound (footsteps). Make sure to use a correct headset and turn the volume UP. Maybe try different headsets (they dont have to be expensive) and listen carefully to footsteps. Also adjust other sounds ingame if possible, like turning off music or voices (everything that can you distract from footstep sounds).

The Minimap can get your best friend as it shows your enemy when shooting. Make sure to always have an eye on it. Experienced players often registrate the enemy via Minimap and know instantly in wich direction to sprint and/or shoot. Practise to always switch your view between Minimap and regular screen.

-Recoil Control-
Make sure to learn to control the recoil. You can do that easily on Testing Grounds (in Survarium known as Shooting Range). Move your mouse down while shooting and try to hold the spot while firing, even on distance. "Try to save the behavior of your gun in your brain."

-Left Right Left Right-
Once it comes to 1vs1 on the map make sure to practise left-right tapping while shooting. While strafing left-right-left-right you reduce the hit chance of your enemy drastic.

-Crosshair Placement-
The placement of your crosshair in movement is the next underrated thing. Make sure to always look into direction where the enemy could come from. You can watch this behavior especially in CS Progaming where the players always check the corners and look into correct direction. You can even manage to place it always in Head-Hight. Once you understand the mechanics you notice the advantages of it very fast. Your whole movement can be adapted to correct crosshair placement.

Survarium specific:

Heavy or light? The opinions are splitted but I can tell you guys, talking about TDM/slaughter where the goal is to get a good KD the answer is clearly heavy! Lets analyze this short: 2 players encounter on map, one heavy, one light. It comes to 1vs1. Lets just say here both start shooting at the same time, both are tapping left right. Guess whos the winner. Its simple.
For the modes Research and Battery I reccomend to use a mix of sets to get a bit more speed.

-Mask & Body Vest-
are the 2 most imporant parts. Make sure to chose a mask and body vest of heavy armor and definitely go for the +Armor upgrades here.

-2,5 Speed Upgrade-
Just do it, on every possible body part. Every other upgrade on body parts is kind of optional/doesnt matter that much. (Of course -Recoil upgrade on gloves is recommended as second.)

-Rate of Fire Upgrade-
is the most important upgrade on weapons. Lets analyze this short: 2 players encounter on map, same armor, same weapon. It comes to 1vs1. Lets just say here both start shooting at the same time, both are tapping left right. One weapon got 5% more ROF while the other doesnt. Guess whos the winner. Its simple. Every other upgrade on weapons is kind of optional/doesnt matter that much. (Of course -Recoil upgrade is recommended as second.)

What is your goal here? Getting the most kills? Nope. If you manage to kill 50 players but you also die 50 times you didnt do any plus on the tdm scala. Your goal is to archieve a good Kill Death Ratio, short KD.
13-5(A) is better than 50-49(B). On example (A) you managed to do a plus of 8 on example (B) you managed to do a plus of only 1. Very sad I have to explain this but it seems many people dont get it. If you really want to win the match try to focus more on less dieing than on more killing.

Footsteps while sprinting are very loud in Survarium (which is a good thing). Talking about TDM where the goal is to archieve a good KD, normal walking sometimes can be much more productive than sprinting. Make sure to reduce your sprinting and/or rushing and you will notice fast the advantages. With the latest Update 0.67 definitely make sure to pick the last perk in physical skill tree "Frenzy" which gives you 25% damage resistance on your limbs while sprinting. Remember that playing too passively or even not moving at all is very counterproductive as your team probably gets pushed back more and more.

Try not only to capture the spot but also hold it. Dont run away right after you captered the spot. Holding a spot is easier than capturing a spot as you can push the enemy back with crossing their paths to the spot. Put away your sniper rifle, you are not a pro sniper. Get those points and hold it. In research every second is important, as every second affects the procentual part of Research. Always remember that pushing the enemy back is a big deal in research. Dont waste time!
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27.12.2019, 19:57

Great guide. I would like to add one thing that comes to my mind at the moment, you already sad all here. :)
The thing I would like to add is how to increase game awareness, let me explain:
"Kill feed," it shows you as name sad killed players in top right corner. But this can be used to raise your game awareness.
Let's say you play TDM mod 8vs8 and in kill feed you see that 4 or more enemies have been killed. That means that there are less people who can cover certain areas of map and it means you can push to enemy side of map because players who were holding are now dead and that positions are easy to take. Sorry for my ban English I hope you get the point.
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28.12.2019, 01:05

Nice work guys. I'll forward this to Joe and see if he wants to pin it.

edit- I think VG are on leave until the new year so we'll get it done when Joe gets back.
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15.01.2020, 12:54

Please don't recommend the "Left Right Left Right". I understand "pros" love to do it because it has advantages in many games with non-complex physics (you can't do it eg. in ArmA3), but it's frigging total nonsense and massively annoying EXPLOIT.

You could not even do such major movements IRL/good physics games without soon exhausting your stamina, because they're effectively jumps.

You could NOT, by any means, aim and accurately shoot any weapon while doing such jerky movements IRL/good physics game because of inertia and uneven acceleration forces. You would miss 15m target even with a shotgun.

Hence, it's nothing more than shameful EXPLOIT.

When I see a "pro" doing "left right left right" while sniping in Survarium, I just do triple headpalm and rage. That's thousand times worse than any arcade for 6 years olds. But so far, only few "pros" with ELO4000+ exploit this, and I can try to avoid matches with them.

However, if this EXPLOIT gains popularity, I'll try to rally enough supporters to make VG properly FIX the physics engine deficiencies allowing this exploit in the first place - by "rewarding" it with appropriate massive stamina depletion and insane scope sway "bonus".
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15.01.2020, 13:59

You talk about it like its a secret OP thing. Strafing left right is a common and basic behavior in many multiplayer fps games. Thats actually the reason why I made this guide. Because I noticed more and more that most of the community dont even know these basics.

Crosshair Placement is kind of advanced, if performing it correctly. You should be more scared about this one.
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22.01.2020, 17:03

IMHO, left-right strafing is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and is generally useless against an experienced FPS gamer who practices tracking of any kind. Now i haven't played in quite some time... but generally speaking, for these more realistic shooters where you get dead in like 3-4 hits, or 1-2 if they go for HS. The biggest advice I can tell new players is cross hair placement is critical, and practice double tapping accurately. Spray is kind of the last resort, and any 1v1 is going to be settled in like 1 second or less. And keep in mind, if you're getting 120fps, that's 120 frames in that second. You know, so lets say your reaction time is like that whole 120 frames. And someone has a marginally better reaction time of say 100 frames. It's important also to take into consideration server tick rates as well. If the server ticks in that margin - your opponent has won already and you've likely lost the 1v1.
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29.01.2020, 11:52

Nice work, it's really helpful for the new players!!!
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05.03.2020, 16:54

Apfelmu, "crosshair placement" is absolutely OK because it's normal IRL CQB tactics.
It's effective, but it doesn't defy physics, it isn't blatantly ridiculous, it isn't an exploit.

Unlike "leftright-jumping-while-aiming". Physics say you could either do the leftright jumping, or aim, but not both.
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26.03.2020, 02:08

Jano doesnt really matter what YOU think is not a "fair" thing to do in a game, does it now?! You might think its an exploit, that can be said for many other things in the game. Since its not considered illegal or even a "nasty thing to do" by any means it jsut doesnt matter that you think of it as an exploit. Psysics might say a lot of things, this is not real life, this is a computer game and the simple fact is that strafing could very well help you win some fights here. There's no point whatsoever to argue with that.

Anyway, really good guide! The only thing I would argue with is the point about armor. Full heavy armor is quite simply and VERY clearly not the best in this game, has never been and propably will never be. Although its not exactly bad either. Compiling a good set takes a lot of trying and experimenting, but the best ones are usually somewhere between medium and heavy armor. And believe me, i have tried them all, in all possible combianations and extensively :D
There are always at least 2 sets that you should have in your profile and use them according to what the situation calls for. better of course to have all 3 and have them quite different. As fast as possible sprinting can be the most important thing in many matches and you always want to combine that with the best possible armor values, but also the bonuses and supplies stuff plays a big part.

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16.04.2020, 10:46

Great guide mate!!

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17.04.2020, 07:09

survivor_17518388726230730487:Great guide mate!!

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11.05.2020, 01:18

i have one thing to say: 50:25 is way better then 15:5
dont nail me on these specific numbers but the first player here has +25 and second has just +10
also it means that you have done way more assists and rescues or very important:
"made the enemy shoot at you to show his own position, leaving his cover and becomes an easy target for your team"

overall i allways suggest you to run forward and push the map. it gives your team map advantage if you roam well.
if you score 8:0 in a 15min TDM and just sit in base with your OHK snuper, you are not a worthy teammate at all.
if you do a 60:30 you are the MVP, score most points, get most exp, got most rescue assist and baited enemy out of cover.

else its a good guide
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11.05.2020, 08:56

OneThreeOneTwo:i have one thing to say: 50:25 is way better then 15:5
dont nail me on these specific numbers but the first player here has +25 and second has just +10

That is correct, but since noobs cannot go 60:30 and instead usually go 2:30 i wouldn't suggest playing more aggressively than your skill level allows.
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02.04.2021, 19:51

That is correct, but since noobs cannot go 60:30 and instead usually go 2:30 i wouldn't suggest playing more aggressively than your skill level allows.

Have you really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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