Adapter Project. Instruction #17

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13.05.2014, 17:08

We are glad to introduce you a new part of the Adapter project (, a series of videos dedicated to practical skills of survival and extreme conditions adaptation tips.
Instruction #17 focuses on disguise and camouflage. When watching the video you will learn how to camouflage yourself in various different locales as well as other useful info.
Those who missed the first two parts of the Adapter series can watch them here:
and here: ... jA&index=1
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Андрияш Козловский
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13.05.2014, 17:56

Can we get mirrors ingame now? :")
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Mr Dutchman
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13.05.2014, 19:31

MRPolska:Can we get mirrors ingame now? :")

I was about to say the same thing.
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13.05.2014, 21:36

Hey guys, what about including gun-basics into Adapter project? I mean, guns introduction, basics of shooting and gun safe basics (trigger discipline, aiming technics, ...). Because it is part of survival too and is useful for life. every body can practice with airgun (if country legislation not allowing real gun for sport purpose)...
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16.05.2014, 05:55

Just wanted say I love this guys videos.
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17.05.2014, 08:08

I must say this is all rather interesting. As far as I know, most survival series show you how to survive using purely natural means, while this one focuses on using modern, more or less easy to obtain tools. Also, the part with the mirror was awesome.
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17.05.2014, 21:24

It's pretty cool.
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07.03.2015, 22:29

I love these videos and I was wondering if there was anyway I could find out where these videos are filmed.
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