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06.10.2021, 00:48

If you look at my last match: 16714824, you will see in the killcam of my deaths, at least 2 players dropping their guns towards the ground, selecting their scopes to their eyes as you are moving in or around their direction, means they are using some type of Aimbot/ESP mod and can see you coming and find you on the map way too easily and are able to sight early and kill you and finding out exactly where you are on the map after you leave spawn and also as you spawn.

I have encountered this mod action many times now and getting very annoyed for it ruins the game and one's gameplay.

It doesn't mean they are good/bad players especially when they are losing but that action tends to turn the tide in their favor especially near the end of matches.

If VG can prove it's not cheating, then I'd like to see the explanation of proof!

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08.10.2021, 18:24

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