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22.09.2021, 09:51

Survarium Patch 0.68 with new backpack abilities, equipment and bots balancing is now live!

Please find the complete list of changes of the Patch below. Have a good time playing the game!

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The List of Changes in Survarium 0.68a
General Changes

- Bots' power in PvP now depends on the players' rankings in the match.
- In PvP-matches bots on both teams now always use identical equipment.
- Now bots notice players standing still faster.
- Bots will no longer try to track enemies through walls.
- Fixed an issue when bots could die when passing through an anomaly.
- You now need to confirm when you want to overwrite your equipment profile (implemented per the community's request).

Weapons and equipment

- Shotguns: headshot multiplier decreased to 2.
- Automatic pistols: headshot multiplier decreased to 2.5.
- SVD: rate of fire decreased to 220.
- ASh-12: reload speed increased from 3.8 sec to 3.2 sec.
- MP-7: reload speed increased from 3.2 sec to 2.8 sec.
- VHS-2: decreased recoil.
- P-90: decreased recoil.
- L85A2: decreased recoil
- G3SG: changed recoil.
- UMP-45: decreased dispersion.
- OZK-1 set: armor increased from 64 to 67.
- Firefighter set: "Energy regeneration +10%" bonus replaced with "Maximum energy +15%". "Maximum energy +20%" bonus replaced with "Slowdown when aiming -2%". "Regeneration +6 hp" (when standing still) replaced with "Regeneration +5".
- Chemical protection set: "Regeneration +6 hp" (when standing still) replaced with "Regeneration +5".
- Omicron set: "Bleeding duration -50%" bonus improved to "Bleeding duration -75%".
- Omicron МК2 set: "Bleeding duration -50%" bonus improved to "Bleeding duration -75%".
- Reinforced set: "Aiming time -20%" bonus inmproved to "Aiming time -25%".
- Shturm set: 3 set piece bonus changed to "Regeneration +3%". Full set bonus changed to "Protection against stopping power 30%".
- Defender set: 3 set piece bonus changed to "Decreased delay before health regeneration begins -15%". Full set bonus changed to "Protection against stopping power 30%".
- Explorer set: "Artifact passive power" increased from 20% to 30%.
- Stalker set: "Gathering time -20%" bonus improved to "Gathering time -30%".
- Skinner set: "Aiming time -15%" bonus improved to "Aiming time -25%".
- Light set: "Maximum energy" bonus increased from 20% to 30%.
- Sentry set: "Energy consumption -10%" bonus replaced with "Slowdown -2%".
- Sentry set: full set bonus "Slowdnown -3%" replaced with "Experienced sapper".
- Biker set: "Ready grenade" bonus improved from 25% to 30%.
- Sokol set: "Recovery +10%" bonus replaced with "Protection against sensors 100%".
- Life support system М-1: "Energy recovery" bonus replaced with "Delay before health regeneration starts -20%". Slowdown decreased from 4% to 2%.
- Watchman backpack: added "Metal detector" bonus (with a radius of 7 meters).
- Assault fighter’s backpack : added "Sensor" bonus. Scans an area around the character once per 10 seconds (scan duration is 5 sec) in 5 meters radius (but it doesn't show explosives and enemy sensors).
- Keeper of the Sun equipment removed from the shop.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed incorrect L85A2 animations.
- Cosmetic items no longer affect character equipment tier.

Download Survarium 0.68 and check it out! Hopefully you'll like the changes.

See you on the battlefield!

Survarium DevTeam
Vostok Games
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26.09.2021, 10:05

In the team mission, the robots shoot when they can't even see me from a distance, and they shoot even when I'm hidden behind a wall. It's pointless to change their sensitivity when they're shooting before they can even see me!
You didn't even get the robot sensitivity right in PVP.
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04.10.2021, 15:54

Hey guys, first of all i like the rework balance update to the backpacks.

now the tier 1 black market bandit backpack is very unbalanced.
you should lower its slowdown to 1% from 2%.

otherwise it cant provide any uniqueness and player wont pick it anymore.
with 1% slowdown it will become a decent choice.

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07.10.2021, 15:26

Can you turn off the light before closing the door ? Thx...
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12.10.2021, 14:00

Survarium patch 0.68a1 has been deployed - 11.10.2021

- Fixed an issue that might cause a crash in Survarium launcher when running under Windows 11 in certain language versions of the OS. Unfortunately, if you have already encountered this issue and cannot update the launcher, you would need to reinstall the game client.
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