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02.08.2021, 23:38 ... lhnlfGlzvY

So this happened.. what you see above its a strange turn of events that in all my time of playing Survarium has never happened before, no it's not my ping before people just jump to that conclusion.. i know what the delay is regarding my ping, its not that big of a delay and most definately not a delay as big as what you'll see in that clip, this has been happening a lot lately and just thought i'd shine a light on it.. i did inform someone who could get word across but he dont like meh so i know it wont come up unless i bring it up.

enough babbling, please do see what the issue could be if possible and thank you for taking the time to read this!
kind regards MK RYDR
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06.08.2021, 01:17

To be clear, your shot was registered by the server but you did 91 damage, the guy survived.

Backpacks can have +5 armor modifier. If you play the clip in slow motion you can see that you hit the backpack. That's how he survived the shot.

Replay available here. He had Onyx for 9% damage reduction and Executioner set. Damage calculator available in the armory states that a Barrett wouldn't kill this setup with 1 shot even without the +5 armor of the backpack.

All correct.
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