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12.05.2021, 13:20

Is this game worth getting back into or is it still the same campy gameplay with 0 recoil and everyone speeding in no armour with macros?
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Protos Angelus
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12.05.2021, 17:21

Protos Angelus:same campy gameplay


Protos Angelus:0 recoil


Protos Angelus:speeding in no armour


Protos Angelus:macros?

very rarely
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12.05.2021, 23:16

Weapons have recoil. Certainly a bigger than in the past. Campers are still and always will be. Without armor, you die by 3 bullets, so no one is running like that. Anyway, the maximum speed is lowered and everyone plays rather carefully.
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20.05.2021, 11:35

Got into it again after few years. Had a great time.
Seems development has sort of stalled, but polish still being done.
Camping happens, but as always, team with better assaulters always wins.

Forums still overrun with trolly complainers though, that didn't change.
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