I just got 10/10 silvers from a PVE run...

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25.04.2021, 13:52

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Well... 346 hours in the game now, all I ever wanted after LV5 was the VSS and Glock, got 12 maps ready but VSS was never in my weekly treasure hunts. Daily challenges never gave me Glock either, same from the stash of luck with weekly 20 golds.

So I got kinda frustrated, went to the shop and bought 4 "Huckster's Stash" (turns out that's the worst idea) for gold, but I ended up with 50 exp boost, 2x50 silver boost & 7 days of premium. Should have just bought the 300 gold option...

After that I purchased another 100 gold, with no luck on getting the Austrian Wonder Glock. 8.5 dollars in and still can't get anything other than boost cards/premium.

My friend called for a PVE run after that, we got 10/10 but it was all silver for me... I guess it will just getting worse if you try too hard in an unlucky day... and the only sane thing to do seems to be using that 100+ silver boost to buy all silver guns and so they won't appear in treasure hunt and wait for VSS, you won Vostok :(
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26.04.2021, 10:21

And 6 purchases of $1,39 Austrian Wonder ended up with boosts again, I guess that 15% chance is a joke and it's just impossible to get the weapon from these draws.
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29.04.2021, 14:02

Casino always win. You either spend money or grind.exe. That's how most free to PAY games work.
Don't want to pay? - Grind.
Don't want to grind? - Pay.
Don't want to grind or pay? - Uninstall.
Sad reality.
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