Favourite weapons / Weapons you'd like to see in Survarium

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29.09.2016, 09:03

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04.01.2017, 20:53

AN-94 Abakan definitly - if other prototype guns are psesent in game, why AN-94 should be not?

http://modernfirearms.net/assault/rus/a ... kan-e.html
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12.01.2017, 19:50

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18.04.2017, 21:10

A classical wonderfull beretta M9 semiautomatic as non premium version PLEASE!!!!! ( not the full automatic version we currently have in game).

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19.04.2017, 08:24

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20.04.2017, 07:22

i want a flamethrower.
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20.04.2017, 12:08

I want RPG, H&K G36, crossbow, AUG Steyr
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23.06.2017, 16:40

I want Type97.im chinese:P
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24.06.2017, 09:32

I wan't to see more ww2 guns like kr98 or stg44 :-D

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25.07.2017, 11:02

all the FNs all the P90s ALL
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25.07.2017, 22:41

Lahti L-39, premium in t5 hahahahahaha
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26.07.2017, 14:36

-mkmod11, m39 or some other sniper rifles
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16.07.2018, 20:32

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17.07.2018, 09:36

Fooking XM8, by the Black Market
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17.07.2018, 15:15

FN2000, TAR-21

+1 to the xm8
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18.07.2018, 00:44

ACC Honey Badger

This feeling, when topic is abandoned since 1 year, becouse everyone has lost hope that there will be some new weapons xDD
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12.10.2020, 17:09

Davik_Heragon:I think it has been suggested before, but what the heck there are so many posts that some of the suggested guns might have been forgotten.

The Gewehr 43 as a beginner weapon (in the middle of the full automatic PPSH and the bolt action Mosin).

Want Gewehr 43.

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14.10.2020, 18:17

I would realy like to See the beretta p92 pistol and the dp28 and the aug Habr lmg i the game and maby a Gepard gm6 lynx sniperrifle and a slug conversion for shotguns as an attachement maby dragonsbreath-amuniton would be Nice too
Also i d like to se the nagant 1985 Revolver so we get one with a silencer as an attachement adittionaly I also would like to See an extanded Barrel as an atchement for the mps and maby an extanded mag for mp7 and uzi and maby even a drummag for some guns
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12.04.2021, 22:02

Well, I just list them out. I'm trying to list ones out that would be fairly common or would make sense to see in the survarium apocalypses setting, so no prototypes or limited runs like the XM-8, except the AN-94.
-Beretta 92: Common 9mm military pistol.
-FN.57: Handgun made with the P-90 project. Uses same .57 ammunition as the p-90 with high armor pen for a pistol.
-Mk .23 SOCOM: Special forces handgun firing high velocity .45, with a high capacity magazine.
-Desert Eagle: Who doesn't want .50 action express?
===Assault rifles:========================
*Galil: Israeli assault rifle. It has three different caliber types...
*Steyr AUG: 5.56 Austrian bullpup rifle. Still quite popular.
*HK G-36: Legendary/Iconic 5.56 German assault rifle. Quite a unique appearance.
*AN-94: Rocket science in a Russian gun. Capable of firing a two round burst before recoil hits the shoulder. Has full auto as well. Quite unique and very Russian.
*M-16A2/A3: M-16 would be an overall upgrade in performance to other AR type weapons in game due to better ballistics from a long barrel, but would have the longest aim time as such. A2 would be whats offered in store as the issued burst fire rifle. A3 is the modification to the trigger group that allows automatic fire. An A3 is literally an A2 with a different trigger.
*STG-44: The father of all assault rifles. Surprisingly still in good use by insurgents. Was thinking to use as a tier 0 assault rifle. I kinda just wanna see a few more World war era guns.
===Battle Rifles/Carbines:===================
-FN FAL: Can't forget the old glory now can we? After all, its called "the right arm of the free world" due to its massive production numbers in NATO.
-M1 Garand: probably as a Tier 1 premium or such. PLEASE! I JUST WANNA HEAR THE PING!
-M39 EMR: US Marksman rifle. US equivalent of the SVD.
===Sub Machine Guns:======================
*PP-19 Bizon: A unique 9mm Russian SMG with a cylindrical magazine running parallel with the gun under the barrel. Awesome design.
*Thompson SMG: Just wanna see a few more ww era guns.
*MP-40: Just wanna see more ww era guns.
*K1-A1: Korean SMG chambered in 5.56 and based off of the AR-15.
*Sterling Submachine gun: MORE OLD GUNS! yeah. I like old guns. don't judge me.
===Machine Guns=========================
-M60: Not alot of machine guns on offer. M60 just comes to mind pretty fast.
-Bren gun: ww2 era British light machine gun of Czech design. Just want to expand LMG offerings a bit.
-Lewis Gun: British ww1&2 era light machine gun with a pan magazine on top. Just wanna expand the LMG offerings a little.
-DP-27: Soviet equivalent of the lewis gun.
-MG-42: Hitler's Buzzsaw. German ww2 LMG.
-Fedorov Avtomat: Very early Russian LMG. It also falls under the category of automatic rifle, battle rifle, and even (proto)assault rifle. Listed here as LMG due to that is how it was deployed.
*Mossberg 590A1: 12 Gauge pump action shotgun with a rapid rate of fire.
===Sniper Rifles:==========================
-Hécate II: French heavy sniper rifle and anti material rifle.
-L-118 Artic Warfare: British bolt action sniper rifle with a detachable box magazine.
-Denel NTW20: Heavy sniper rifle and anti material rifle with a side loading three round magazine. very big bullets, very big gun.
===Throwing weapons:======================
*Throwing knife: Basically, a quiet way to kill someone who is close by, but to far away to melee.
*Molotov Cocktail: Need I say more?
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