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16.03.2021, 10:08

I have this game for a very long time (as you can see by my registration date) and I think I know what type of gamemode this game is missing for me: some kind of progression gamemode.

I have a few ideas, the best one would be with special UI, and basically a counter-strike style gamemode:

Everyone spawns at the same time, round based gameplay, there is some kind of menu where player can purchase guns for current round, they can only buy items they already own in stash.
So player sees all weapons in their stash and can purchase with local to this game money, like for example player has unmodded M4A1, and it costs in game 3000. Player also has modded M4A1, and it costs 4500, because each module has it's price.
When player dies, they lose their weapon and have to rebuy next round.

Money shouldn't be easily given, so that there is economical tactics, sometimes you might want to buy simple AKS74U and do eco round, so that next round you buy something else.

However that'll require a lot of work I imagine, so probably wont happen.

Another variant is there is special menu in main menu where player can set up 5 different loadouts, player can equip there only items from same tier, so player has 5 presets for TIER1, TIER2, TIER3, TIER4, TIER5. These presets coult be used in different gamemodes.

For example: round based gamemode, everyone starts with TIER1, and each round win makes players progress to next tier.
If player doesn't have gear to set up for example TIER3, then in game when progressing to TIER3, player would be given generic unupgraded gear, for example M4A1 and watchman set.

With such system there could be many ways to utilize it: some kind of deathmatch where upon reaching, let's say each 50 points, player respawns with next tier set up.

Maybe even make special gamemode that utilizes any round based already existing gamemodes but just with this progression system.


Another idea that I was hoping to see long, long ago: player set ups 4 characters, from each faction, each faction character can only use items from that faction, so scavengers character only uses scavengers armor and weapons. Game mode could be called "faction war", and is a modification for all existing gamemodes. Server randomly chooses 2 fighting factions for each team, then players spawn in their faction speciefic gear they set up earlier. Could reward players more faction reputation because they actually have to use faction gear.


If all of these things are hard to do for you because of UI, you can make any of the tier progression gamemode like above, but tier gear would be randomly choosen weapon of that tier from player's stash. So at tier one player spawns with random primary and secondary of this tier. Duplicate weapons should not influence random of getting weapon. For example if I have 10 AKS74U, it should not affect tier2 random, but rather split into 2 randoms, first one selects weapon, second selects any dplicate of selected weapon.
As for this system being bad because you might have better upgraded weapon and worse upgraded weapon, you can make it so that TIER weapon random split into 5 sub categories - grey (unupgraded, weapon), green (1 upgrade), blue (2 upgrades), orange and yellow (3 upgrades), and give these weapons based of player input in a round, for example each kill in a round increases sub tier of weapon.

And again, if player doesn't have weapon from that tier, it should be gives generic weapon from that tier.

Furry Femboism
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28.03.2021, 18:40

Your ideas are excellent and creative ...I like it +1
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12.04.2021, 15:30

This game was already castrated out of all its unique features it used to have, and you want to castrate it even more by making it a counter strike with couple extra steps? Just why don't you just go and play CS instead?
And if you have been playing for so long how come you didn't notice that this game is in a vegetative state? It gets enough revenue to stay "alive" but not enough for any actual development. Adding another game mode? Investing money in it, and that will most likely not pay off? New game mode that will further divide already small playerbase? Like really? Do you think that would be a good idea?
I think it is cute that people still share ideas about improving the game and hope this game will actually become something decent, well cute and sad.

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