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07.02.2020, 21:17

Ive been around since the game first came out.
THE best MP game I've ever played, well untill now that is.

The last update or server update it has become UNPLAYABLE. I stutter all around the map, in gunfights it just throws me back to lobby and reconects to server. AND im dead....
When the round then eventualy ends, it wont load the lobby/main menu... So I have to shut down the game completely and restart it...
I got 60-80 fps steady, 70 ping with a 70mbs cable connection....
NEVER had a problem with lag untill resent months.

SO what in the h.... did you do to this game that just rendered it unplayable???

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08.02.2020, 15:45

Could be a side-effect of increasing the tickrate back in January. I would advise you to submit a ticket and ask Support their help regarding this issue.
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