What guns are better?

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30.12.2019, 00:51

Do you like the AKM '65 or TOZ-122 Leather more?

I was using the Barrett sniper rifle, and it is so slow that easy to die.

Are carbines better than assault rifles?

I think the best light machine gun is too slow to fight properly. What do you think about that?

I think the shotguns are not as effective as other weapons. Other than handguns.
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30.12.2019, 16:07

All depends on your play style. Go to shop right click on weapons and test them, you can do that to all weapons even on locked and premium ones.
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01.01.2020, 00:28

What M4rk0 said.
Also depends on map, mode and how you want to play them.
My preference most of the time is to take light armour (for fast movement) and an SMG, or high rate of fire AR, like the a545.
My sniper of choice is the VSSK, again, with light armour.
Sometimes, for TDM l go with full zubr and T5 AK (can't remember what it's called...)
I don't bother with carbines or shotguns, unless I'm just messing around for fun
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01.01.2020, 20:53


Timothy Mullenix
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