Game Event: Demonstration of Power

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30.10.2015, 20:51

Looks very nice xD

I see everybody kniferunning then :P
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30.10.2015, 21:41

Sure, have fun getting spawnraped in ranked TDM by PKP and Barrett noobs, I'm out.
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01.12.2017, 14:13

Today at 2 PM GMT game event "Demonstration of Power" begins in Survarium! During the event you will get additional 100 silver for each kill with a headshot. And for each melee kill you will get even more – 1,000 silver. You will get the bonus along with the usual rewards when the match ends.

The event will last for three days until 10 AM GMT on Monday, December 3. Play Survarium during the weekend and earn additional silver for skillful kills!
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Андрияш Козловский
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01.12.2017, 14:40

Андрияш Козловский:

Will be usefull with my 62 milions^^
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01.12.2017, 14:40

Great event, it's nice to have something to aim for, but it's a shame that silver is worthless to a lot of people.
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01.12.2017, 14:56

English_Cat:Great event, it's nice to have something to aim for, but it's a shame that silver is worthless to a lot of people.


I would prefer spare parts instead of silver.
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jk mao
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01.12.2017, 15:01

spares would be better incentive...
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01.12.2017, 15:01

yep good event
like many others, I need to trash out 40 mil silver first
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01.12.2017, 15:06

Not bad imo.

Not really much of an incentive, but it is nice to see the devs have finally started doing regular in-game events.
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