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07.02.2017, 13:03

Check out new fan art in the gallery! Big thanks to our fans who complement the world of Survarium with their artistic talent. Take a look at what they have created!

Artwork №1
Author: Kei Ishima

Artwork №2
Author: Deadshot

Artwork №3
Author: The-Real-Varlam

Artwork №4
Author: Kei Ishima

Check the art in the gallery
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07.02.2017, 13:19

Андрияш Козловский:Check out new Kei Ishima



Kei Ishima

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+1 for the female model :D we need those in character creation, now that would be awesome :D love it!
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07.02.2017, 14:27

Need more lasers
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07.02.2017, 15:57

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07.02.2017, 16:35

Kei Ishima artwork is nice. the girl seem having big cups. i think she will not fit in zubra lol
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07.02.2017, 16:41

I find Kei Ishimas artworks horrendous.

Dauerfeuer Ungeheuer
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08.02.2017, 18:09

Dauerfeuer Ungeheuer:I find Kei Ishimas artworks horrendous.

How so?
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