0.29 Video Review

Discussion of the latest news and events related to Survarium.

22.06.2015, 14:00

Recently Survarium game servers were updated to version 0.29. In this update players will find a number of significant changes. To show you the latest changes and make sure you understand them all in a clearer and more entertaining way, we decided to do an experiment and created a video of the released update. We’d be grateful for your feedback! We will take your ideas into account to further improve the quality of the future videos.

Let’s list a few changes in version 0.29: reworked balance, the second location outside of the former USSR, "London", new equipment and weapons, improved graphics (work-in-progress) and sound! And these, of course, are not all that changed! Find out more in our video review.

As they say, knowledge is power, so arm yourself with information and fight for a place under the sun!

Read the news on the site
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Андрияш Козловский
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22.06.2015, 15:03

Some good stuff added but the game now looks worse and still doesn't run very well. I t would be nice if you could stabilize the game and work on increasing performance because it only seems to get worse, not better, with each patch.
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Angry Lil Elf Too
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22.06.2015, 15:38

I would really like to see a new developer diary instead of this video oO We all played the new update now and know the most of the changes.
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23.06.2015, 01:44

Well, i have to agree with Roxo.
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Old Sea Captain
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23.06.2015, 05:15

I like the narrator's voice a lot and imo, the review videos should be posted before the update goes live or shortly after.
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23.06.2015, 10:53

Still waiting for replays and mass bans, still waiting for better netcode without resyncs each match.
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