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29.10.2014, 17:45

Friends, today we are pleased to announce a new contest - "Adapter Meme Contest"! Its goal is very simple and yet fun and entertaining! Watch any episode of the "Adapter" series on the official Vostok Games YouTube channel, take a funny screenshot, and leave a funny comment on the picture. Here are a couple of examples on how you can make your own image based on the frame of the "Adapter".

Contest terms:
- You must be a subscriber Vostok Games channel:
- Use only images from the "Adapter" episodes
- Use any graphics editor to edit pictures
- It is forbidden to use profanity, vulgar, provocative and offensive words in the text on the picture
- Leave your pictures in a special group topic
- The number of pictures per participant is not limited
- Post your pictures as a reply to this topic using a link such as Photobucket or Imgur

Your images are accepted from October 29 to November 12. After receiving the entries the results will be reviewed and the winners will be selected.
The winners will get a branded Survarium bag. Find out more about the prize in this video
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Vostok Games
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29.10.2014, 20:56

My entry for the Adapter meme contest. xD
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Morbid Stalker
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29.10.2014, 22:27

Morbid Stalker:My entry for the Adapter meme contest. xD

Hahaha, so true! :D
Two times happened to me too! Last 2 minutes of battle and ran out of ammo lol
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29.10.2014, 23:17

Morbid Stalker:My entry for the Adapter meme contest. xD

After i went through it many times, i now buy 1k ammo "just in case" xD
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29.10.2014, 23:58

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30.10.2014, 00:04

The telltale sign that it's Friday and the kids are back from school:
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30.10.2014, 03:23

Pretty much sums up my day :)
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30.10.2014, 03:37

Who doesnt know this?
The good old loading-screen crash :D

Camping in spawn because of Accuracy or K/D Mission :D

Collect 3 artifacts in one match...

So yeah, that's my entry.

Good luck to all participants!
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30.10.2014, 10:21

Don't be offended at me devs, it's just for fun :D

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30.10.2014, 20:04

I love survarium so much :D good luck to everyone. :)

When you get paired up with someone with way better stuff

Troll trap

45% accuracy

Draw me

cheeki breeki

edit: added two more, I love the adapter series :D

how can Bear Grylls drink this?

mtn dew
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30.10.2014, 20:50

The moment when you...
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31.10.2014, 13:08

When Nature Calls...
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02.11.2014, 13:17

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02.11.2014, 15:39

**post deleted for not being in the English language (as per Forum Rules: ucp.php?mode=terms)
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04.11.2014, 09:42

Here's what I've got so far, I'll probably make more in the coming days. I had loads of fun making these and laughing at myself, hopefully others enjoy them. Any feedback is more than welcome. Let me know if you find them funny!
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04.11.2014, 17:51

Based on real facts while playing XD




Ok, that was a delirum but i have to put this xDD (¿what happens in my mind??¡¡)

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06.11.2014, 14:33

The very well educated survivor

Watching my teammate struggling to steal a tiebreaking battery at last seconds

MFW I get to steal it after he gets killed

P.S. sorry for potato quality
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06.11.2014, 23:19

Here are my Pictures. Maybe i'll add some in the future.
Hope you guys like them ;)
Inspired by the pepperidge farmer meme:

Inspired by the morpheus matrix meme:


Do you want to play a game?

best hiding sniper spot:

good job mate:

(Don't forget, that i don't want to offend anyone and that this is just for fun). :D
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Don sl4v3r Corleone
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07.11.2014, 07:37

__VG_1 joewillburn:The winners will get a <a href="" class="postlink. Find out more about the prize in this video

Will these bags be available for purchase some time in the future?
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07.11.2014, 08:43

Henter wrote:Will these bags be available for purchase some time in the future?

Unknown at this point. Sorry.
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Vostok Games
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