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Survarium OBT Game Rules:

- Chat/Character Names/Illegal content

During testing, a player must be polite and respect other testers and staff. Abuse, insults, racism, allusion of racial or national supremacy, threats and/or personal attacks directed at other people is unacceptable. Breaking this rule will attract a zero tolerance response from game admins and staff.

Swearing in any language is unacceptable. Survarium is an international game, and encountering multiple languages is to be expected. Using another language to obscure offensive messages or attacking another player for using a different language will not be tolerated.

Player or clan names that contain profanity, obscured or otherwise, insults or personal attacks, have allusions of racial supremacy, illegal or copyrighted content, negative portrayal of Vostok Games, Survarium or the administration team or any other offensive content are prohibited.

Spamming/Flooding chat or posting illegal content, or linking to such content is prohibited.

- Unsportsmanlike Conduct/Exploits/Cheating

Unsportsmanlike conduct is strictly prohibited in Survarium. This includes, but is not limited to;
- Deliberately damaging or killing allies (friendly fire).
- Deliberately hindering your team to give the enemy an advantage.
- Exploiting known bugs for advantage or to hinder other players.
- Telling opponents what their team is doing through in-game chat and similar actions.
- Any and all behaviour that can cause offence or disadvantage to other players that is not intended by Survarium.

The use or distribution of bots, macros, cheats, and other such modifications to gain a dishonest and unintended game advantage are prohibited. Using these modifications will result in access to your account being permanently removed.

If you have information on a previously undiscovered exploit/cheat, or have any concerns on these topics, please contact support via the ticket system.

- Testing

Testers shall regularly run the game client and test Survarium, post your feedback and bug reports in the beta sub-forums. If the tester neglects their duties for an extended period then Vostok Games reserves the right to disable their accounts.

Violations of testing will result in the user receiving a warning or being removed from the test. The type and severity of the violation, as well as punishment in each case is determined by the game admins.

Testers shall comply with the requirements of Vostok Games' staff and admins both in the game and forums. The nicknames of the International team are listed below;

Vostok Games Staff
- [VG] joewillburn - International PR/Community Manager

- [Admin] trouble_every_day
- [Admin] Chandrian
- [Admin] Angel_L1ke
- [Admin] foldvarju
- [Admin] Romeo El Cuervo
- [Admin] riad5

Attempting to impersonate Vostok Games staff or the administration team carries a zero tolerance policy. Anyone who breaks this rule will immediately and permanently lose access to their account.

- Account/Currency Trading

Attempting to, or stating an intention to sell/purchase game accounts, beta keys or in-game currency for either real money or in-game currency or items without our consent is not permitted. Any player found doing so will be permanently banned.

- Addendum

Vostok Games reserves the right to change these rules at any time. When changes are made the community will be notified on the forums. Failure to be aware of changes is not a valid excuse for rule breaking.

In all cases, the final ruling comes from Vostok Games, the decisions of which are final. Vostok Games reserves the right at any time to remove the player's access to testing if they break the rules or in the case of other violations not described in detail here.

Discussion of sanctions applied by staff or administrators is prohibited, except with staff directly. Questions or suggestions regarding rules or rule enforcement should be submitted to support via the ticket system.

[VG] next to a game character's nickname indicates the user is a member of the company - the developers of Survarium, Vostok Games.

[admin] next to a game character's nickname means the user is a moderator for the forum and game.

Please note that members of the administration team [admin] are authorized by Vostok Games and have the right to represent the interests of Vostok Games in game chat, including: publication of messages on behalf of the company, and deciding the degrees of punishment for violations of the established Survarium beta rules.
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