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17.11.2016, 14:44

1. Zeddex
2. Turkey

I have too high online time.
Want to help english and turkish speakers.
There are too many turks in this game and they don't really understand bunch of things.
I want to help, i love survarium and i want survarium survive.


Ziya Düz
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18.11.2016, 10:40

1- cheki breki
2- Turkey
well.. if trump become president ,i think; i can be good moderator too
so why not ?
davik heragon in memories :./
im here because there is no mod like davik anymore .. rest in red hot chili peppers davik :(
and here not great as in old times


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cheki breki
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28.11.2016, 16:10


1: In-game name is ToXiCTeRaN, same as profile.

2: England (German-English Stock)


The game is great, even though it does have it's moments of glitchiness or bugs. But I would love to provide assistance in any way to help create a better future for Survarium, hit me up with questions if you need too.
Best if I said something like everyone else did.
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28.11.2016, 19:30

1. In-game name: VlatimaEU
2. Location: Denmark
3. Email:
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05.12.2016, 19:01

1. In-game name: wllayco
2. Location: Serbia
3. Email:

I'm very active, and believe i could help. Cheers.
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08.01.2017, 17:16

1. In-game Username: Murgesh Tinkerbell
2. Location: The Netherlands
3. Email Address:
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Murgesh Tinkerbell
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19.01.2017, 21:16

1) XxNM15xX

2) East Coast - USA


I've told you before about my feeling on this game and VG itself, Joe, and I feel it's high time I start helping out. This game had always been one of my favorites and I'd love to see it blossom into something great. This is not me trying to get on your good side, but my actually feelings on the game.

I've had experience in moderating positions on private servers (not entire games lol), and I feel like I can mediate tension pretty well.

I hope to meet some of the VG team and bring some suggestions to the table as well as anything asked of me.
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31.01.2017, 03:12

In-game name: Nervous Wreck
Location: Ohio, USA

I've thought about applying to be a mod for a while now. I already answer everybody's questions in general chat and try to defuse things when folks start being nasty to each other, since that's one thing that really upsets me. I want playing this game to be a fun experience for everyone (v corny I know). I've been playing this game erryday lately it seems so I'll always be there to answer questions, keep things under control, and make Ivan jokes.
I can also do cool tricks, like speak and understand basic French. Plus I have half the playerbase on my friend list

Everyone else feel free to spam my inbox with Stalker memes
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Nervous Wreck
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