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This forum thread discusses the peculiarities of Survarium game modes.

01.07.2015, 13:58

By the sound of "COOP Mode" on the official website, it sound like they have made standalone small maps that you can complete with friends.

So that could mean the PVE could not support the pve<->coop aspect in one seamless world like people would like.
It also probably means that Freemode "PVE" will be heavily instanced "ie. dedicated servers" with room for 20-40 players.
When you zone, you load a new map and possibly switch server/instance.
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01.07.2015, 14:51

Misjah:It also probably means that Freemode "PVE" will be heavily instanced "ie. dedicated servers" with room for 20-40 players.

Yes, that is what is most likely to happen. Freeplay will be Session based with room for up to 30 players (according to the last info I had about it).
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29.10.2015, 23:44


PVE is boring?. Go plau SOC,Clear sky or COP please and encounter two bloodsuckers at once in master mode and then tell me its easy to fight NPC's in games like this, Or in fallout 3 in the hardest against a deathclaw. Mutants are hard. Especially if its a strong one that soaks your bullets. A player pales in comparison to mutants with special abilities and with good AI. Since you have encountered enemy players since you started playing fps games. It's not exciting to get robbed and ambushed every meter you walk on land.

Open world PVP is more akin to a Deathmatch mode in just a bigger sandbox than your usual map where everyone is for himself or in makeshift teams in squads. It's the hunger games all over again. You are going to turn it into DayZ with everyone playing a freaking bandit and camping on every building or bush ready to kill you to steal your loot.

you forgot to mention that DayZ is a buggy mess in the standalone where zombies glitch through houses and everyone is trying to kill everyone , but still preferable to Infestation Survivor stories or szone online as both are getting worse by the day it seems , I personally don't get the need to turn everything into a almost exact clone of DayZ I mean the mod is fine but the standalone stinks and is not worth its price tag , I'm only bringing up my two cents on this not really going anywhere .
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01.05.2016, 22:09

icata1:this guy have a point this game is perfect for sneaky beaky be like sound system is perfect ambient stuff . this game easy claim to first place in steam .

+1 It could be... dreams :(
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28.06.2016, 13:33

Taking other similar projects, DayZ-ish system would satisfy both PVE and PVP, whoever got this game (online multiplayer game that is) for PVE only isnt realy bright person nevertheless, isnt it?
Just go for cooperating in lets say clans or groups and whatnot, with a option (possibly a need anyway) to shoot whoever on sight under no rules whatsoever, not like postapo world would have any honor code in the first place - besides survive at all cost. Thats it, but the NO RULES part is a must have, any admin/gamemasters interference into gameplay (anything besides bugs and exploits) will doom this mode forever.
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10.07.2016, 23:19

So, how can you state something as rediculous as this without any elaboration at all?

So the "Vostok-Engine" you're referring to is probably just the graphical aspect of the current game.

Unless you have access to the source code, you cannot tell just how much of the infrastructure of an Open World MMO is layed out already. Match based multiplayer games are a dime a dozen. It wouldn't surprise me if Vostok simply bought a pre-built "Game-mode" for this beta that we see. Modified it to suit their needs. Then they're are creating the final product that will be implemented at a later date.

Basically, my point being. You don't have the source code. Vostok has the source code. Modern programming is very modular. So even if you did have the source code, the information there could be temporary. So, you have no proof to disclose. JoeWillburn has no authority to distribute any other information. Lack of evidence distributed by the developers is not evidence that they are wrong.

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