Weapon specific only game modes (PVP)

This forum thread discusses the peculiarities of Survarium game modes.

24.11.2017, 23:33

Hello wonderfull people!

Why not make the option to que/or set up custom game modes that are weapon specific?
Imagine playing Artefact Hunt with Snipers ONLY.
Or Research with Shotguns ONLY.
Or Team Death Match with PISTOLS ONLY! (omg)
I think this would defnitly spice things up and be a more entertaining way to encourage PVP. Or frustrating. If you don't like playing against people who uses shoguns, then play in a custom made Snipers only match. This would make PVP more versitile and have more interisting appealing and make new expirences that I think would be healthy for the game.
PVP currently have at the time i Post this - 5 modes. Really? I don't know about you guys, but after playing this game for a long while, it would at least be nice to have many more options to play PVP. PVE(Team Missions) is great and all. but until FREEPLAY comes out(the only real game mode we're all waiting) - It would be awesome to have diffrent PVP modes. Because Survarium is really interisting and more fun to play than any other F2P game i know.

What do you guys think?
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