Game Mode Anomaly Defuse

This forum thread discusses the peculiarities of Survarium game modes.

10.11.2017, 08:12

Just the same Game Mode like in CS. I know a bomb doesnt fit in your concept of Survarium. You could just replace this bomb with a special Anomaly wich kills all people with radiation when explode.

-2 Spots A and B
-no respawn
-Anomaly team and defender team who switch after every round
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10.11.2017, 21:14

no re spawn, NICE, I hate run and gun in this game, maybe this mode will be better.
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17.11.2017, 10:12

You probably talk about Seek’n’Destroy. This is based on popular game modes like in CS with bomb. There is also mode called Sabotage which also sounds intresting but these are just concept ideas that are not known whether they will enter the game.
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