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23.09.2017, 00:25

This is a repost from Idea and Proposal since I think this belong in this category more:

Ok so for anyone who hasn't play PUBG (player unknown battleground) you start out with nothing, no weapons or gear and you are drop randomly onto the map where you must loot random gun, gears and ammo and attempt to be the last one standing. As the game drag on the map get smaller due to a forcefield that will kill you which force player to do a final standoff in the center.

I propose VG should jump on the hype train and do something similar in the future. Now I know VG resource is limited and they can't simply create a giant map like in PUBG since they got PvE co op on their hand. don't worry I have solution. Basically link all the map that you have created into each other. Every map will have an addition set anomaly call "portal" which can transport the players into other maps. This way the battle ground seem a lot bigger since all the maps are sorta connected.

Each match should have 4-12 people free for all with bots filling in as random enemies who will automatically upgrade to higher weapon the longer the game drag on. Now in the beginning, players should be able to choose which map they prefer to spawn in. the player will also start out with no gear what so ever and spawn randomly throughout the map that they chose. Melee is disable so there are no cheap shot early on. Player must run around all 6 maps and find weapons and armor form random tier scatter throughout the maps. When picked up, the gear and weapon automatically equip on the player. Player can switch weapon or gear on the ground similar to PUBG. there are NO ammo crate and each weapon start out with 1-2 clips of ammo only. That mean people should be conservative on their ammo until they find another weapon or kill a player and loot their second weapon. each player will automatically have the terminator perk which allow 2 weapons of any kind on them at most.

Each level will have 1-2 portals and the cool down to using the portal anomalies is around 20 seconds and player who exit the portal is invulnerable for 6 seconds. Now if the match drag on for 5 minutes, certain maps will start to disable slowly as those within that level will be given a 2 minute warning to run to the nearest portal and enter a different map before the whole dimension collapse on them. This will cause all players on the THAT map to run for the portal which could cause some interesting confrontation. Match last around 20-25 minutes since each level are disable every 3-5 minutes which eventually turn into one level that will. In addition to preventing camping, player's location are broadcast via Radar every 1 minute unless they are lucky enough to pick up a radar jammer which is rare.

The person who dies early on will be awarded and will be able to leave the match to find another where the final survivor will be rewarded a Stash map. There will be NO kill cam and health regeneration but medic kit can be found randomly across the map. Also there need to be a change in Health point since getting one shot sucks in a mode like this. I say double the amount of Health a player have to 200. Due to no regeneration, this isn't very overpower since every shot COUNTS. Using medic kit takes 5 second so it is RISKY. Headshots will deal 100 damage per shot unless it is a sniper which it is a instant kill. Helmet will almost reduce damage to head by 25 % therefore a headshot would deal 75 damage and a sniper headshot will deal 150 damage. Helmet will break after 1 shot so it is more of a safety net, not a permanent armor. and body shots damage is around the same as normal games.

This mode can be made possible since it recycle the maps that is already developed with gears and weapon that was already made. There must only be a few retaking to make the match work thats all.

Please let me know what you think whether you're Vostok Gaming or Player of the community! Good or bad feedback will be appreciated since I put a lotta thought into this.

NOTE: if I don't get many response, I will try to repost this once in general discussion since it might be entertaining to read
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