Spawn protection in Slaughter mode

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09.07.2017, 19:05

In slaughter mode the spawn protection is kinda annoying. In every match it happens a few times that an enemy is spawning right at my position and I can only try to run away as fast as i can, because he is invulnerable due to spawn protection...

So my suggestion is to either just deactivate spawn protection in slaughter mode and try to find a safe spawn position, or just decrease the number of players per match in that mode which would at least decrease the probability of that such an situation occures.

Edit: Oh, this doesn't happen on all maps. But definitely on School
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10.07.2017, 01:23

jule:But definitely on School

Agreed. I'm sure everyone who played this map in Slaughter feels this frustration.

I hope VG find a solution but I don't have any of my own to offer.
I think disabling spawn protection would be the way to do it as long as new spawns pop in a location where they have a fighting chance to not be insta-farmed.
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10.07.2017, 17:31

Apparently the spawn areas are fixed in all game modes and maps. That actually works very well, even in Slaughter mode. But the School map is kinda special... While on all other Slaughter maps, for example vector I always know where my team's "base" is, on School everything looks very similar and I can't avoid walking just straight through the enemy's spawn area because I don't recognize it.
So maybe VG will be forced to rework the map design here, or implementing another kind of spawning, like searching the whole map for a safe spawn position independently from the fixed spawn areas of each team. If I remember correctly in that Last-Man-Standing game mode we once had, the spawn positions were indeed completely random.
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28.07.2017, 20:19

i definitly agree with your oppinions!
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