Search & Destroy / Bomb Defuse

This forum thread discusses the peculiarities of Survarium game modes.

31.05.2017, 20:24

First of all I have to say that this game is great and got huge potential. I'm playing it for a while now and I love almost everything in it. Thumbs up to developers.

There is only one thing I rly dont understand:
Why the hell dont you guys add the game mode Search and Destroy / Bomb defuse? Its not that defusing a bomb is so fun, NO! The focus in these game modes is THINKING gameplay. If you die, you have to wait until next round to play with. As soon as you kill someone you count your enemies and think about where they could be (at which time). It allows special situations like 1 vs 3. It can be extremely exciting! Imagine you are the only survivor, bomb planted and you think **** lets handle this ****! You get the last 2 people in enemy team and defuse the bomb successfully. Its just amazing! Also the tactics that can be used for attacking / defending the bomb spots (whole team rush B!) The most advantage of this game mode is that it doesnt depend so much on your team like all the other game modes. Even if there are people afk or your team is totally crap, you have the chance to win the rounds because there is no respawn for the killed guys. Why do you think CS go is so popular? I know this is NOT CS go and it doesnt meant to be but just let me tell you that these non-respawn game modes are the most exciting ones! Its about tactics, thinking, skill, experience! And I rly cant comprehend why its not added yet. And i promise you if this game mode would be imlepented, together with some lets plays of it in youtube, the amount of players would grow.

Keep up the good work!

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