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04.10.2016, 20:17

Hi Survivors! Hi VG!

Do anyone know the game mode "Liberation" from the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault add-on "Breakthrough"? I want this game mode in Survarium because it´s the best game mode i ever played.

For everybody who don´t know this game mode here the rules:

1. In every base is a prison and nearby a button (for the enemy) to open it.

2. When the button is pressed you can hear an alarm and the prison will be open for 10 or 15 sec. (i prefer for Survarium 15sec.).

3. Everybody who get killed while the alarm rings can escape.

4. When every enemy is killed and in prison a new round begins (like in the artefact hunt).

5. The team with the most filled prison wins.

Ok. I know. Many of you will say now it will not work because.......bla bla bla :-). I know. We need some "special" ideas for good working and i have some.

Here my ideas:

For the guys in the prison it´s boring to wait for a eventually jailbreak. So when these guys are waiting they can choose a camera for the fighters outside (like in TDM when a team have under 10 members left). The good thing is the thrill if the fighters outside reach the button and the prisoners can see how he fights.

When the prison is open, the free players can´t be killed for 5,7 or 10sec. No chance for prisoncampers, mines at the entrance etc.

Maybe more than 1 button. 3 on different places.

The respawn time set down to 3 or 5 sec. Why? Read point 3.

Who pressed the button becomes 30pts. Because we know Survarium and know it will not be easy to reach the button.

Sniper or camper become a foul when they not moving after 1min. and after 1.30mins. they come into the jail or a new round begins if he is the last one and the lazy guys lose 15pts.

When both teams have in example 4 filled prisons at the end of the round the higher kills for a team counts for a win or lose.

Thats all at first. When someone want to try Liberation in Medal of Honor i must say the servers are down :-(. But there is a Fan-Project named: Medal of Honor AA Revival with private server to play it. Post me when you want try Liberation Mode. We need min. 3 players (1vs.1 need no prison:-) for a round with the alarm etc. ).

The link for the game:

Come on Survivors. Vote for it and lets make this game mode together. I think the devs have not much work for a great game mode.
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05.10.2016, 19:07

Thanks for posting the idea here for us all to see!

Survarium's got some very interesting gameplay and I can see how this might be reworked into the game.

I'll mention when gamemodes come up next. Thanks for sharing :)
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06.10.2016, 11:52

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17.10.2016, 19:45

a definite yes from my side!
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