Artifact hunt exploit

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13.08.2016, 14:29

Hi there,

There's an exploit with artifact hunt mode. It consists to get the artifact, bringing it back to base but not scoring until the very end of the timer. The artifact is therefore well protected, opposite team won't have time to retake the artifact and going far enough from the enemy base before being shot by newly spawned enemies protected with spawn protection. You can easily win the match in a single round without being worried by losing the other rounds.

I found this personnally unfair to win this way, there are several rounds meant to precisely have longer matches and several tries. I suggest two things :

- If devs consider this as an exploit : put some kind of timer detecting the place where the artifact sits. If it is on a same large area for more than 20 secs, just make it respawn to it's original place. There is now somme kind of "camper measurement", so this is a solution that can be applied to the artifact.

- If devs consider this as a nice strategy, then remove the rounds. People will figure out quickly this "strategy" and use it everytime.
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Angel Fox
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15.08.2016, 12:27

We're aware of this and a solution is being discussed. :)
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