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16.03.2021, 13:38

I have question about the in game dispersion modifier.
To my understanding dispersion value affects the spread of shots aimed to the same point fired from the same weapon.
My question however is, if the dispersion value only applied when shooting from the hip, or is it also applied while aiming down sight?
I have done some research and back in the 0.46 Survarium update according to the patch notes the dispersion was removed while aiming down sight. Since that update I have not seen it re implemented while aiming with weapon. Does that mean that dispersion value only applied while hip firing the weapon?
Would like to know since I want to mod my weapons for aim firing and not for hip firing. I know that some of the bullpup weapons have good hip firing accuracy in the game, so it's more beneficial for those weapons.

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16.03.2021, 21:18

Dispersion controls how much your shots may deviate from your aiming point. Lower is better. To answer your question, effectively, yes. Dispersion while aiming exists but is zero/close to zero.
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