Survarium cannot start "the program can't start because is"

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15.08.2020, 08:44


after a long time i wanted to play the game again, but i cannot start it. I did download the game from this website and not through steam.

when i open the game the following happens:
1. the launcher opens
2. i click "PLAY"
3. some BattleEye Launcher window pops up and says:
* Starting BattleEye Service
* Launching game
4. the BattleEye window closes and the following error message appears:

"The program can't start because is missing from your computer. Try reisntalling the program to fix this problem."

it seems a word is missing between "because" and "is".

i have already reinstalled the game.

i am running windows 8.1 and the specs are fine. i don't think the specs matter here, but i will include them if necessary.

thank you very much in advance for any help

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15.08.2020, 19:34

Every time the game, the launcher or the updater fails to launch or crashes or gets an error, log files are created that you can locate in %localappdata% by finding the folder for Survarium.

Once you have those files, submit a ticket here with the details and attach those files:
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16.08.2020, 18:09

thanks. a ticket has been created.

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18.08.2020, 05:57

to anyone searching for this issue: the problem just resolved itself. suddenly i could play the game. don't know what fixed the issue.

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