Kill 3 enemies with melee in match daily broken?

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24.04.2020, 12:48

Howdy. I have encountered issue that daily mission : ''Kill 3 enemies with melee in match'' does not register melee kills. In my last match i manage to make 5 melee kills. After i came back to match. It still says 0/3...

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24.04.2020, 19:49

What most likely happened here is that it registered the melee kills but didn't update it in the user interface back in the lobby. A restart is needed. If this happens to you again with any other daily mission, upload us your logs (located in %localappdata%/Survarium) after closing the game and before restarting it to fix the bug.
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25.04.2020, 16:07

It happens to me sometimes. Sometimes i dont get boosters in daily rewards, just a simple restart is needed. Thats it.
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