2 weapons with questionable, probably bugged values...

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20.12.2019, 23:11

I've got a Magazine upgrade on the RPK-74M giving +15 to the magazine, the value when in the modscreen showing this increas from 45 to 60. But when I'm in a game i only get 45.

See screenshot here https://i.imgur.com/yZB73ag.jpg

2nd weapon is the SVU-M1 which I found to be quite amazing when it comes to the recoil, it has a value of 100. Sure, that could be realistic? compared to just about any other weapon not even getting close to 20, not only that, If I upgrade the weapon with Recoil reduction (as I'm having on it right now with 8%) The 100 recoil doesn't change what so ever.

Screenshot for this ---> https://i.imgur.com/aQWWqyl.jpg

I don't think this is how it's suppose to be?
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21.12.2019, 11:59

Both issues are known. SVD recoil value is just visual, if you apply recoil reduction to it, you'll feel the difference even if the value stays at 100.
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