Can't play, battle eye not responding

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14.09.2019, 06:35

PLAYING THROUGH STEAM. DISABLED EVERYTHING I COULD. AFTER CLICKING play in steam and then clicking play on survarium. Loading player data takes forever. Once player screen comes up after about 5 minutes It CRASHES with battleye failed to start error. TROUBLE SHOOTING FROM SUPPORT NOT WORKING. GOING ON 6 HOURS AND STILL CAN'T PLAY. Losing time on premium booster. Was working PERFECT LAST NIGHT. NO RESPONSE FROM DEVS OR SUPPORT. MADE MULTI SUPPORT TICKETS NO RESPONSE. WHAT THE HELL DEVS??????????????????????

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14.09.2019, 11:27

You know there have been server issues for the last day or so.
Wait for support to respond to your "multiple tickets".
There is nothing else that can be done.
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