Scoreboard keybind change + some other problem

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13.09.2019, 15:42

I'm using alt to crouch because various reasons.

When i'm crouching and checking the scoreboard at the same time (alt+tab), the obvious happens (back to homescreen). Now this is very annoying and this change (make it so i can change the keybind of scoreboard) should be relatively easy to do.

This brings me to another problem is, I don't know if it's because of Survarium but when i alt+tab, the Survarium application completely dissapears from my app bar, and i have to spam alt+tab and minimize other applications and it randomly appears again.

Combined with the crouch thingy, this is really annoying you see.

If i can change the keybind the second problem is not that bad anymore either, so please, make me able to change keybind of scoreboard :)

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