launcher caused PRIV_INSTRUCTION in module...\mshtml.dll

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11.08.2019, 17:21

a few weeks ago (after month) i reinstalled survarium and first got the problem, that the launcher was starting, downloading and installing updates. at the end of installing the updates/verifying files igot an error that something went wrong and i need to redownload/install. i tried it 2 times and always got the same error.

yesterday i've installed the whole game completley new (full installer) and now i get this error when i start the game:

survarium_launcher.exe caused PRIV_INSTRUCTION in module "C:\Windows\System32\mshtml.dll

would be nice if somone could help me to solve this issue


p.s.: every exe file from survarium directory is set in firewall to go through (same settigns as i always had, when the game was running witgout problems)
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11.08.2019, 20:11

Submit a ticket, Support should be able to help you.
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