1911 texture bug: it's actually 9-round "Super 38 1911"

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24.07.2019, 01:13

I just noticed that in-game model of 1911 says it's model and caliber as "38 Super":

That is a rare breed of 1930's-lore civilian 1911s, with near-extinct cartriges about the size of 9mm Luger, but with the exact energy of .45ACP or even more (the .38 Super is rated +P):

So if VG ever considers this more than a funny little "texture bug", they could increase the in-game magazine capacity from 7 to 9 ;-)
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Jano Msik
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31.07.2019, 14:33

This is known (devs do read the forum) and I think they even fixed it. Perhaps forgot to push the change to public. Anyway, devs prefer to fix the texture than change the in-game balance.
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