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09.07.2019, 22:45

One of the big bugs I notice along the smoke is behavior which allows objects to be shown on the other side of walls, i.e. when you are standing by the wall, guy on the other side can often see part of your body so he knows that you are there although he shouldn't, also very annoying when you are on platform while the enemy is below, he can see your feet through platform.. also, weapons sticking through walls is very annoying

and of course, transparent textures through which you can see but cannot shoot ?!?!
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10.07.2019, 02:53

If you can, please capture screenshots of these texture issues when you see them.
Support needs to forward them to the team for repair and require screenshots because there is no magic way to know where these texture problems are.
We appreciate your help here so it would be great if you can send any evidence in a ticket to
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