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20.04.2019, 08:16

Hey my profile got reset,
the name "sightseeer" was already taken (is that mine and is it unlinked and thats why I got a default profile with no gear etc?).
I even spend money on the game back in 2016 and had gear from T1 to T4 at least.

I made a ticket already, asked in the survarium discord, in the chat in game, and now here. I know its easter, but I wanted to try out the game in the holidays.

So please, if you see that "sightseeer" (with 3 e) is just me, then please erase "sightseeerTTV" and replace it with the "sightseeer" profile.
If my old profile is gone, please compensate me at least for the gear. I will not grind that stuff again, I was grinding T5 already!!! I dont want to start at T1 again.

With best regards,

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20.04.2019, 12:51

If you used steam client last time you need to use that one to get your profile back.
If you used the standalone client last time you need to use that one to get your profile back.
The two are mutually exclusive so just download the client you used the first time and you should be good.
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20.04.2019, 15:59

He said on Discord that he got his profile back by doing what you told him :)
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