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18.04.2019, 00:26

Hi VG,

Lately my game is crashing 1x - 3x per match on RU server mostly, can you check this match to see why my game is crashing? Never had this problem before, but last 2 weeks it's happening often. The only change on my system is Nvidia graphic drivers Version 425.31 (on a GTX 1080 card).


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18.04.2019, 05:39

Hi, sorry you're having problems.
Please open a support ticket here: ... ets/Submit

You may or may not be able to get help here on the forum but if you talk to the support guys directly you will have the best help available.
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18.04.2019, 12:18

Right now the only common crash I'm aware of is due to someone using a capacitor to destroy an anomaly, and it doesn't happen to everyone...

Please do what trouble_every_day suggested: contact Technical Suppprt and attach your crash log after your game does this. For quick access of crash logs open Windows Search and type %localappdata%/Survarium (or Survarium-Steam). Be aware that these files get overwritten every time you launch the game, so first upload the crash files (or copy them somewhere) before running it again.
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