Crashes after few minutes in game DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE

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16.02.2019, 15:52

So I wanted to check the game after few years gap, but this didn't go so well. I am constantly getting DX/Driver crashes now. New problem reporting tool doesn't even give any info "errors has been reported, thank you for patience" -so I have to fish it from the logs:

video_memory <info> [14:26:39.530] In use/max: 880.67 / 880.67 Mb, new budget/reserve: 3460.37 / 1831.96 Mb (previously: 3460.37 / 1831.96 Mb) (min budget: 3460.37 Mb).
render_pc_dx11 <ERROR> [14:26:39.931] Device remove reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_RESET [frame: 102796]
render_pc_dx11 <info> [14:26:39.931] Reported GPU memory usage: 880.67 Mb, budget/reserve: 3460.37 / 1831.96 Mb.
memory <info> [14:26:39.931] System physical memory: 8190.04 Mb (available: 3539.31 Mb).
memory <info> [14:26:39.931] Process virtual memory: 4095.88 Mb (available: 1365.52 Mb).
memory <info> [14:26:39.931] System/process page file/commit limit: 18942.04 Mb (available: 11373.22 Mb).
debug: <ERROR> [14:26:39.931]
debug: <ERROR> [14:26:39.937] Error occurred : assertion_failed
debug: <ERROR> [14:26:39.939] Expression : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED
debug: <ERROR> [14:26:39.941] File : d:\survarium.public\sources\vostok\render\engine\sources\dx11\render_device_commands.cpp
debug: <ERROR> [14:26:39.943] Line : 642
debug: <ERROR> [14:26:39.946] Function : vostok::render::present_impl
debug: <ERROR> [14:26:39.963]
debug: <ERROR> [14:26:39.965] BREAKPOINT : A breakpoint is encountered.
debug: <ERROR> [14:26:39.967]
survarium.exe : ? : 0x000dca84
survarium.exe : ? : 0x0036895a
survarium.exe : ?

The crash happens few minutes in the game, the most I have lasted is ~8minutes with the bots, but in pvp it doesn't even get to 2 minutes.

Checked windows even log and following happens:
"Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

Have reinstalled the drivers, but that is still the case. Could not find any useful information in driver logs, but it only happens in Survarium.

Any advice?
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29.07.2019, 12:33

Dxgi is connected with SweetFX and other graphical enhancements.
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