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Discussion of Survarium in the context of the Doors Open Day.

26.04.2014, 09:25

My experience of my few hours of play was mostly positive. My only issue/problem I had was that all players including myself lagged a little bit, not a lot but enough to notice and make a difference. I don't know if it is a common problem or if its just me. All in all it was a very good play through and I cant wait for Survarium to be released. :)

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26.04.2014, 09:37

You guys work fast the second day of the open beta i didn't have that severe lag or packet from yesterday i went smoothly till the end
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26.04.2014, 10:09

The environment is very immersive.
Maps are well design.
Guns are good except for the PPSH it has very annoying sound its like 4000 RPM GATLING gun.
Sound system is good I hope it'll be better in the future.
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26.04.2014, 10:39

For a game that is still in beta, I must say it is very awesome. I really enjoyed my time and had lots of fun. So far I haven't noticed any significant disbalance between weapons and equipment. Also, the great thing about equipment is that it looks great and you just feel the difference between being heavily armored and being light and mobile. As for the missions, they were nice, but could use a bit more variety. The anomalies looked awesome, especially that organic heartshaped one. I really loved some of the maps, they're dynamic and present the player with many ways to roam around or sneak into the enemy base.

One more thing, I've set the graphics to minimum to stop the game from crashing so much and I was surprised how the game still looked good. Actually, there wasn't that much difference between maximum and minimum settings.
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26.04.2014, 10:54

game is awesome, aside from server weakness, is pure joy. still has THAT SoC feel. Imho, progression is too fast, compared to other mmofps, or maybe it was only last night, for the open day? anyhow, been fan since shadow of chernobyl, not dissapointed. keep up the good work guys!
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26.04.2014, 11:34

Game is amazing, i like everything about it specially i like that enemies doesn't light red or other color when you are aiming at them like in other games.

Amazing job Vostok Games!
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26.04.2014, 11:35

And yes the only problem was that the server lagged sometimes and went down besides that all ok but it was a server test for how many players it can hold and i think it did pretty good for a beta stage!
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26.04.2014, 11:35

Very nice beta, Vostok!

I got hooked from the very first moment (have been waiting for this game since you guys started development), and I must say it was impressing. I played for about 10 - 11 hours yesterday (omg, what's wrong with me), I love where this game is heading. I have so much to say about this game that I feel like making a (rough) in-depth review :D

An in-depth review of the Survarium Beta:

(Sorry for the WALL OF TEXT, but I have so many things I'd like to say about this game!)

All the guns functioned and sounded amazing. The recoil, while seeming uncontrolable at first, encouraged me to fire in bursts (like one should do with real weapons, or rather semi). Later on I learned to control the differenciating recoils of the different guns, which gave me an edge over other players (the guns actually have learning curves?). The sound design was pretty unique, I have never seen a game that demonstrates the noise level of guns this well (All the guns sounded very realistic, except from the pphs). I also liked how varying the volume was based on how far away people were standing, it was easier to measure the distance the shoots came from because of this. the only thing missing in the sound image was the ambient sounds and some of the footsteps.

The inventory-system was also something I loved to see, I've longed for such a system in a shooter for years. It gives the impression of a "career-based shooter", where the character you're playing has a clear development from match to match. Most games that use this mechanic sucks, but Survarium pulled it off just fine. The faction gear worked well in my opinion, but sometimes lacked nuance. I wish that some of the gear had more mechanical impact on gameplay, most armors were just buffs or nurfs, what about side grades? Does inventory weight affect anything? Because I didn't notice any difference in heavy load or light load, which is not good if you wish players to adapt their characters to different playstyles (this aspect of the loadout is ESPECIALLY important to me). In the 10 hous I played, I raced through the scavenger gear, almost reaching mature scavenger-level. Vostok probably needs to rework some of the system if they don't want everybody to unlock everything in a short time.

Gameplay was descent, but very impressing for such an early beta. It was a hectic experience with lots of action, but still managed to have some of the silence between firefights that STALKER always had, I loved it. I never thought Vostok could retain the STALKER atmosphere in a multiplayer PvP game, good work! There were a few possible playstyles one could use, but sometimes these playstyles weren't that noticable once you went in combat, as every fight seems to resolve in less than 5 seconds. I wish Vostok to create mechanics that can prolong firefights. Aside from short firefights, most people used run and gun tactics ALL the time, this can make the game a little too repetitive (and CODish). Don't get me wrong, I like run and gun SOMETIMES, but when everybody is doing it all the time it gets boring. Reworking and tweaking the inventory mechanics might fix this.

last note: The game looks BEAUTIFUL! I have never seen a F2P game this good-looking, and I sure as hell have NEVER seen so pretty looking maps in a multiplayer game. Let's not forget the vegetation, it was unlike anything I've ever seen before!

All in all, very good open beta! I wasn't expecting this much content already. The game itself was very enjoyable, but currently lacks some depth in gameplay (I didn't expect more from such an early beta build, but I hope Vostok will work towards this depth later on). The game is heading in a very good direction. Keep up the good work Vostok!
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26.04.2014, 11:40

Omg, I think I made the biggest wall of text in the whole forum.

Sorry, I just love this game and wishes it to become one of the best games ever :|
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26.04.2014, 12:02

I played many mmofps, or just fps with multiplayer and i must say, that this game have the, i think, most immersive and beautifully crafted enviroments outhere and that icludes BF4 or Warface or Blacklight (hope thats what it called), choose these because of the engine theyre made in. The gunplay is fun, never gets old, to always watch my back. Audio absolutely great, hearing distant sounds of gunfire and all that ambient noise, omg, simply great and for a beta (still WIP game) its perfect. This one day let me know, what i wanted to, that if its worth of investing money and time in it, and it definitely is. Great Job with so far not so big bugs, at least from a few i couldnt find or notice if theres something bad. Great experience, once i got my money on my account, its a must buy for me. See ya in game.
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26.04.2014, 12:31

I really enjoyed the game. The only serious issue I found is performance on maps with rain. I'm playing on full settings (except ambient occlussion) and 1080p with an HD 7950 and I get around 70 fps, but only around 40-45 in the same map with rain. There should be an option to choose which maps you want to play and which you don't.
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26.04.2014, 12:45

The game was downloaded quickly (the speed was about 1MB/s with torrent option on) and ran very smoothly. I've played few matches and liked every bit of the game. The game engine is in my opinion one of the nicest when it comes to graphics (particle details, shaders, etc.) and sounds, the maps are full of vegetation and beautiful, detailed places. The gameplay was awesome and I had great experience (thanks for the chance!). I like the death animation depending on where you got shot and that player can see his legs. Survarium has a great potential and it is a must to support the company if you really like the game. I don't like that it doesn't support Windows XP because many people are still using it, but on the other side I understand that the engine would needed to be remade to support DX9, which is probably not effective to do for 12 years old OS that is loosing support.
The Team did a great job and I can't wait to see the full game released.
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26.04.2014, 13:31

Other than the problems I had downloading the game from the torrent and getting a good game started during peak hours it was mostly a positive experience. I'll share a bit of my experience in my first match.

After putting the legendary Mosin Nagant in my Staker's hands I got put in a match at Vostok on the side with all the T-64s and we're greeted with a total silence. I could feel my team was also having their first game as well because everyone was very cautious. Me and 2 team mates broke off to the right and went straight for the 2 story building that overlooked our base and the mist and we decided to take shelter there while the rest of our team foolishly stumbled around in the mist, completely lost, After 2 minutes of silence and the occasional howl coming from the forest suddenly out from the mist comes our foes. After I give them a few pot shots where I miss horribly and I do nothing but give away my position I'm forced to start playing very passive basically just hiding next to the window and sticking my head out to fire only trying to keep the enemy at bay. My 2 teammates in the building with me can do nothing but pepper them with PPSH fire as the enemy returns the favor. I finally realize if I want to hit anything at that range I need to steady my aim so I sit in the window completely motionless waiting for the right moment as I track my first target which is a man taking fire from my team about to dash into our base and when the moment is right I fire knocking him to the ground with a nice and clean headshot. The bullet actually traveled through a wooden post right next to the building before striking him, something I would have never expected to have happened in any other Stalker game. Upon realizing this I knew this was truly the next generation S.T.A.L.K.E.R. finally arrived.

If there were a few things I would like to see in the future these are it.
-The addition of body looting for ammo, bandages, and perhaps temporary weaponry (picked up weapons should be in bad condition of course).
-I would like to see some kind of purchasable weapon upgrades confirmed. After winning a match I got a Mosin with a +1 item slot and I got excited because I thought that it meant I could attach a scope to it or something of the like. Of course it wasn't for that but being able to equip and extra few bandages did help a lot later on but I feel I am missing out on what other customization possibilities there are and have been in the past. (nevermind the gun item slots seems to be bugged)
-The economy which I think feels a bit inflated. I had just enough money to buy my first set of faction gear along with a backpack after completing my first mission but from that point on I always had a huge excess of money to spend on items and ammo. I don't know how others prefer it but for me I like to work hard to unlock things because it gives a certain degree of satisfaction upon earning it. Free 7.62x25 and 7.62x54R is understandable for the noob's point of view but I feel it leads to a lot of excessive PPSH spraying and ruins the possibility of seeing a SVD or other 7.62x54R guns without them being overpowered for having free ammo. I would recommend a system that gives a small amount of free ammo should a player run out with these noob guns should they neglect to stock up but it should be something like 1 magazine worth of PPSH ammo or 1 clip of Mosin for their next match so they can start earning enough money to buy ammo again.

Other than that the game looks great, it feels relatively solid at this point (could use some optimization here and there), and the atmosphere fits perfectly with what I was expecting. I can't wait to see what comes next. So say hello to a new founder.
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26.04.2014, 13:46

I´ve played this game only on the open day and I REALY enjoyed it. It had fantastic atmoshphere, there were a lot of things to explore and anomalies make me inventing new tactics all the time. Even on relatevly small maps I almoast every time found some hidden path with witch I could ambush opponent very easily. The concept with amunition suplies is realy cool and the artifacts are nice bonuses. Weapons and outfits worked well and there is realy big differenc when you finaly put some armor on. But there are a few things which quite anoyed me.

I know this is only beta but there should be some (even basic) music except for the few nature sounds and shooting from automatic guns has after 2 hours started remid me of drill or swarm of bees. There could be a little bit of character costumization like face, hairs and body type. The artifacts could make some sort of light because I saw a lot of people just run around it because they thought that it was part of the ground or anomaly. Sometimes one of the boxes spawned on rediculous place. Example in my second game on the map Chemical plant on of the boxes spawned in the middle of the poisonous cloud and anyone can´t reach it. Also the weapons are a little bit weird. With a basic pistol I was sometimes more accurate then with mosin on range 30 meters. And there could be more weapons and gear but this is beta and that is excusble.

I know this was just a beta and when the game will be finished I´m dead sure it will be even better. I would be realy like if you would ANSWER me.
(Also sorry for the tun of text and grammar mistakes I´m quite bad at English language)
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26.04.2014, 13:50

How to log in? :(

With my mail and password it says that log in is restricted. :(

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26.04.2014, 14:07

Dj-guro:How to log in? :(

You are too late. The open doors day finished hours ago.

You can always purchase a Founder Pack to get closed beta access:

Alpha squad
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26.04.2014, 15:00

Thank you everyone for the great feedback! We're glad to see most of you really enjoyed yourselves.
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Vostok Games
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26.04.2014, 15:03

Hello, thank you for this open house, during the day I get to lvl 5, I had very good ratio k / d ending many times in the first map.

Here are my impressions:

What struck me immediately shocking, this is the sound of firing machine guns, would have a sound bug / is jerky and very unpleasant. This was one of the reasons to not play with the second being to do a lot of shooting and therefore noise to kill a player, revealing your position easily at any nearby enemies but also more away.

I do not play the rifle because it requires the restricted movement of its time stability, this is not my preferred style of play.

My preference was to double barrel guns to carry average, but I did not test the short wear.

I find the secondary target without arms easy to handle and rather pleasant to use ATH, which is a very good point, I was on the other games, this style of sight "bulky" visually.

For maps, I find is is a good size, not too big but large enough anyway and made labyrinth, allowing any kind of gameplay. We do not get tired quickly and it's a very good point too.

I just found on some map, the spawn was a little too "close", and too close to the "safe".

Have all the same heads and the same business on the back is not cool, but I know it's a closed beta.

Anomalies and artifacts give a touch of originality.
I would like to win a beta key in order to judge their impact deeper into the gameplay at higher lvl.

I can not wait to test the open world survivor mode, which mainly attract me in this respect, pity he is not yet implemented.

That broadly, I hope you understand me in all, we must forgive my english, I'm french.

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26.04.2014, 15:04

Only got to play for a little bit because I joined the open day so late :( Looks great so far, lag here from Australia of course but I was expecting that because I play some other Russian made games like WarThunder where it is the same with no servers in this part of the world!

Feels a bit like Stalker atmosphere which is great, you guys have done a great job in such a small amount of time, keep up the good work :)
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26.04.2014, 15:59

+ movement (when you ran and want to aim, great job!)
+ weapon sounds (unique and very realistic, every gunshot is frightening and is pervading the calm and seemingly dead atmosphere in a good way, so good job Vostok!)
+ environment, objects and atmosphere fits the setting perfectly! (sun, grass, terrain, masonry, weapons) I should say i played on minimum settings, nevertheless it looked great. You feel the "Green Apocalypse" so great job!

Maybe I forgot a point but I could play only two rounds. But the gameplay is at a representative point, so for a good impression you don´t need to play more rounds.

So thank you very much Vostok Games for a look inside and I wish you furthermore good work, great succes and - of course - much fun in what you´re doing.

on a good game

i'm not liable for bad english... xD

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