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Discussion of Survarium in the context of the Doors Open Day.

25.04.2014, 19:20

You know it's pointless right?

I have not used that rifle in a long time. I remember that it was not so terrible back then. They must have made some changes to it in some patch.
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25.04.2014, 19:35

Have to say, I found the game quite boring.
To me, it feels like a multiplayer mode just thrown on some singleplayer game. Because you need multiplayer!

There's nothing special about it. Standard TDM/CTF. The same thing we've seen a million times before.
It really need more to stick out.

Of course, what caught my eye about this game is the "freeplay". I don't think I'll ever join one of these tdm/ctf matches after the game is in the final version.

Other than that. I like the sounds and graphics. The sounds of gunfights on the other side of the map is good. And the game is beautiful. But currently the gameplay is lacking.
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25.04.2014, 20:54

Now, after playing about 10 matches, here's a small feedback from me.

The PvP concept is a welcome change to the classic deathmatch, it's something new and fresh, it has some aspects of capture the flag, which I think is cool, I hope the other game modes are that well entertaining aswell.
The maps seemed to be quite large, with enough space for sniping and close quarters combat, I also liked the locations (played the school map and another one where there were two "tubes" and corridors which connect those tubes).
The weapons were balanced, and it is really not a sprayers game! You can't just run into the enemies base and spray all of them down, but fight forward and try to take out one after another, which is great in my opinion.

I loved the game, and am looking forward to my cbt access or the open beta, and so far there weren't many noticable issues, so keep the work going as well as now.

Now, there's one thing I'd like to see which is crouching, but also, I think there's stillspace for improving the characters movement.

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25.04.2014, 22:13

Me ,
I did enjoy the game alot but let's talk improvements :

-Oh my god is the non-automatic springfiled-like-rifle bad
-You need +points on screen when you kill somebody [ there's like no feedback after you killed someone]
-When you kill someone , at least with a headshot , you need a special sound [ i really liked that in medal of honor , the new one , simple title , and it also gives satisfaction , alot , addictive ]
-The UI needs some rework , i was kind of in a hurry but stuff is not intuitive [ i sold instead of equipping weapons , always stuck on the SHOP menu insteand of INVENTORY menu , they need to be sepparate ]
-i think an overall increase in character move speed would be alright , since sprinting doesn't allow you to do much anyway
-The box where you drop batteries should glow so you can know where to drop batteries , it was confusing at the start and it was hard to guard it since it looks like just a thing in the game
-It's too easy to get to people's spawn locations
-Camping only makes you loose but there are no prompts that tell you you have to move and get batteries cause that's what really matters
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25.04.2014, 22:33

MTVeyron:Me ,
I did enjoy the game alot but let's talk improvements :

-You need +points on screen when you kill somebody [ there's like no feedback after you killed someone]

In the upper right corner is a killfeed. Also if your enemy dies he will probably fall to the ground...
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25.04.2014, 22:34

I must say I found this game much more boring then I thought it would be, but then again I was never here for these PvP game modes. I will try it next time its open testing and there is some freeplay or PvE mode available for testing. This PvP thing has been done so many times already and I can't figure out why you even bother with it.

The game itself was pretty good looking graphics wise but the guns needed balancing, other then that I loved the gun handling and it wasn't a straight up CoD clone with no recoil railguns. I will probably never play this gamemode when the game is finished though, there is just nothing special about it that makes me want to spend any time with it. I'm looking forward to the freeplay! Now I'm off to play some Lost Alpha. :D
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25.04.2014, 23:13

Hello, after two matches (first with rifle, second with SMG) I can say they have reached my expectations. Game looks good (on medium graphics, haven't tried higher yet), game is smooth, had only one lag (but probably due to mine net connection), guns act well. Yes, keep up the good work.
More after more matches.
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25.04.2014, 23:35

- more free play is needed
- low FPS on Core2Duo (3GHz) , 8 GB Ram and GTX 560 Ti (1 GB/256 bits) , blur disabled
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25.04.2014, 23:37

First impression: It's solid. The Team vs Team game mode works and flows perfectly. There's a clear objective and ít's a nice take on the classic CTF.

Some other random +/- thoughts of the game:

+Map design is fantastic. Anomalies fit right in and multiple routes around the map make for interesting engagements.
+The actual combat is satisfying. Weapons are terrifying and lethal, good aim is rewarded but so is great positioning.
+Factions having different equipment/weapons/missions is engaging and feels like a fun addition in the long run.

-Player movement feels unfinished, floaty jumps, running up on railings constantly (especially in narrow spaces). Falling should slow the player down upon landing, feels too fast paced in that regard.
-Certain missing elements (melee attack not working?) "Spot" works when it feels like it. Repair not present so cannot gauge how that will affect the game down the road.
-Most if not all matches had several "AFK" players.
-Skill system, a totally unnecessary addition. Making it so equipment reflects how the character handles would make it feel more authentic. Backpacks increasing weight capacity or artifact slots etc. Also opens up a whole lot more options whilst choosing equipment (Same skin but different stats, that sort of thing). Heck, you could even go for weapon attachments down the road.

My thoughts, after a couple of hours of playing.
Will definitely follow the development more closely after this open beta.
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25.04.2014, 23:55

The graphic of SURVARIUM is very impressing, yes, look at all this beautiful grass and trees.
And those beautiful anomalies and artifacts)))

Indeed, the weapons appear weak, but how should i complain? Those Mosin, TT and PP weapons are taken from WW2 and there is a reason why they were replaced during the years until today...
It reminds me of my old STALKER days, when I had to use a sawed-off shotgun or a simple Makarow first when I had a rookie rank.
I'm looking forward to the freeplay-mode; the PvP mode is good for experiencing the landscape and anomalies and the weapon aiming and handling.

But there is something I have to say:

Please give more points for bringing radio-chests to the base. It should be rewarded better if people decide to risk their life and do something good for their team, so they can get more points than those campers. I've experienced, that much people decide to camp which results in the problem, that my team is not really working as a team. It's stupid if some people have the feeling to get punished when they seriously try to win by getting the chests but have still less points than campers from their own team while getting more often killed because of taking the risk.

The Beta has only the PvP mode and only 1 variant (catching the radio-chests)
I've red much comments in life-chat and in youtube like "uh, this is just a normal shooter game, nothing more than COD..."

In your interests, it would be clever to add other variations of the PvP to make it more interesting.
Its important that people know, that the Beta is not meant to be seen as represantative for the whole game. If I would know how to do this, I would instantly tell you but something must be done.
Otherwise you probably loose more customers, which would be very sad.

Veng:Have to say, I found the game quite boring.
To me, it feels like a multiplayer mode just thrown on some singleplayer game. Because you need multiplayer!

There's nothing special about it. Standard TDM/CTF. The same thing we've seen a million times before.
It really need more to stick out.

Of course, what caught my eye about this game is the "freeplay". I don't think I'll ever join one of these tdm/ctf matches after the game is in the final version.

I think this shows exactly what many people are thinking. They want a game which is more STALKER/DayZ-styled. No one wants COD or Batllefield. Was it really a clever idea to release a Beta which is more COD than STALKER? I have the impression that you better shouldn't give this Beta to people anymore but relase your game when it's finished or has for example more freeplay-elements.
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26.04.2014, 01:25

When you put a mosin nagant into your game, you better make damn sure its 1 shot 1 kill.
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26.04.2014, 01:36

Had much more matches, thank you for the chance, don't know if I'll have time to get some more in this one open beta.
Guns act pretty good, but not sure about the SMG recoil, guess it's mechanic for the RP system. Had no problem with movement, again I guess lean, climb and prone (hit the dirt - don't remember proper EN word) will be added later.
Liked the moment when me and enemy killed each other same moment, better balistics would be nice - bullet drob, travel time etcetera.
Also character appearance customization will be nice as well as both male and female gender possibility.
Looking forward to see and play other mods, newer version of the game.
Again, thank you for the opportunity to be temporary tester. You did a lot of work, yet the road is long I guess.
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26.04.2014, 01:56

After a couple of hours I've got very good impressions from the game:
1-Graphics are awesome!
2-Map style and art (jusr like in s.t.a.l.k.e.r.)
3-Gun mechanics are nice but lack of steady the weapon is an cons.
4-Game optimization is good for a beta, but need some tweaks.
5- Server stress test has failed (around 12-1am the battle reports was not aquarable + terrible hit detection and client crashes from 10pm-2am my local time)
6- Couple of bugs like falling under the map and legs stucked in the radio parts crate.
7- Very very good matchmaking system which follows your progress and skills.
Overall as I said my impressions are very good , but my target of interest is the open world type faction wars and alliances, PvE (CoOp)
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26.04.2014, 02:03

Nothing I can really say that hasn't been said already.
So in the future:
-Make sure to not forget about Australian servers
-Design more mode types, try to be a bit creative with it
-Perhaps lay random weapons around that are only available on the map
-Create more character models

That's all I can say. It's very basic atm but now that I've seen it with my own eyes I feel I can actually wait for the free mode.
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26.04.2014, 02:25

Sorry for not writting it in one post, lack of sleep and work take the toll (more then one day...).

Experienced lags only three or four time during my whole gameplay (Czech Republic, not totaly stable internet connection), animations and screens solid without tearing, played on medium graphics.

Experienced friendly fire, that is good. Mostly one hit kill with the rifle (basic sniper, Mosin i think it was) good. headshot good. I felt hitzones are well placed, balanced and actually work (please, don't listen to hitpoint suggestions).

Can't say much about close range fighting, in online game I'm mostly long range, but recoil for SMGs looked like too much (probably my "skill" and levelling system).

Don't know, if there is option for it, but when reloading magazine, noticed rest of the clip's ammo wasn't thrown away with the clip. Also I'm agains the auto reload when magazine/gun empty (auto bolting for bolt-action guns is more than fine, maybe optional).

Maybe to low damage for pistol and SMG, again I guess it's part of RP. (And ammo time, full metal jacket, hollow-point...)

Pistol accuracy was something I was shocked with. Happen that one player with pistol repeatedly hit me and killed with pistol on quite the distance. Don't know if it was skill or balistics mechanics.

Overall - game is nice, fun playing it for closed beta. I can't suggest much for PvP, I'm not much a PvP shooter player. Played some online shooters, with honest heart I can say, this was mine best PvP shooter experience. Inovative locations, anomalies, good gun behaviour (for beta), no name when pointing at enemy. Really looking forward to play full release.
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26.04.2014, 04:46

To add to my previous post, picking up ammo and weapons is a must! Kept running out of bullets when there are weapons and dead bodies everywhere.
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26.04.2014, 06:49

So when will the event actually start for all of us? I've been looking all day yesterday (and now) and found nothing, no download link advertised or anything. Nothing on the main page to indicate its open either. Has it been delayed?

EDIT: I guess it's open, and there's supposed to be a Play Button somewhere on the start page. I don't see one, though.
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26.04.2014, 07:07

Make sure you're logged in and go to the front page, hit either the play button or the beta test link.
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26.04.2014, 07:49

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26.04.2014, 09:15

And thats it, its end of My Open day at Survarium, I have a lot of good time playing it, Very good game, for me its have good gameplay And cant wait to get to Closed beta :) Thanks all Dev's and Moderators for such a nice game and help with some problems. Take Care and Keep it up !
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