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Discussion of Survarium in the context of the Doors Open Day.

26.04.2014, 16:48

The game is great. Just some lag but it should be better soon. Kinda feels weird to choose graphics over smooth gameplay but it is okay assuming that there is nothing else more important, left to do. Some guy (enemy) and me were dancing around in circle not being able to hit each other because of lag, I had sawed-off shotgun and did him a facelift from 2 meters away and none of the pellets hit him (But I am sure glad that I had that reflection off of my gun barrel). I guess that aiming is weird because of lag as well, I couldn't get it to work (found it best at 2.05 but still weird). Love the feel of winchester. Please replace tt 33 with some homemade gun! I would totally carry it but it is just so damn weak.
Overall magnificent game, But I don't think that You are going to make this game to work the way You want it by the end of the year. It will be worth to wait that long.
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26.04.2014, 17:39

I love the gameplay but the muzzle flash is a little much(1st person view) considering nobody else can see this. Flash suppressor would be nice.

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26.04.2014, 18:51

It was great to check game now i just w8 for cb key, Love youre game.
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26.04.2014, 19:09

I loved it, the only problem I would say is have a toggle to see ping and fps. Besides the fact servers are far away I had a great time.
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26.04.2014, 20:12

cant wait to test it and have a blast when i get selected, this should be fun to test in a long time
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26.04.2014, 23:31

I personally think it looks beautiful. This team gives great life to maps and environments. Huge reason I took such fancy to STALKER series. Seeing the anomalies(and occasionally dying from them:) ) and picking up the artifacts were cool! I was expecting a more immerse ballistics system, but I understand it being a little more bare bones for the multiplayer. I however experienced EXTREME latency issues every single match. But I understand them being prevalent in this early stage. I assume those issues will be ironed out. I eagerly and highly optimistically look forward to the PVE modes, exploring, collecting, killing, and awing in beauty at the large landscapes and immersive environments this team creates.
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26.04.2014, 23:41

Had a great time playing last night. The game looks great so far (runs really well for me as well). Few crashes and horrendous lag issues (understandable, I'm central North America) detracted from the experience slightly but other than that I had a blast.

1) Environments are beautiful (in the way only Stalker (and now Survarium) is)
2) Sounds for single shots are great. (I'm sure autos will be addressed in the future)
3) Game played pretty much like I'd hoped: MP Stalker. The capture the radio mode was pretty fun and dumping the enemy's stash onto the ground at the last second was pretty hilarious.

I still say you have one of the best teams of environmental artists in the industry. There's no environment quite like a Stalker (now Survarium) environment.

Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to play the game! :D

P.S. I missed the ability to lean.
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27.04.2014, 00:48

As a huge fan of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (like everyone else here), I must say I was extremely impressed by my short time with the game. I won't mention all of the beta-related problems, because those have been covered thoroughly, but here's what otherwise stood out to me:

+Extremely good graphics and sound (aside from the cacophonous SMG, that could prob blow speakers)
+Top-notch art design and atmosphere, totally fits in with S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
+Really loved the changing weather, kept maps fresh and added beautiful effects
+Gun play has very high potential. Love the recoil and sway, forcing you to be thoughtful
+Deep RPG elements seem very addicting
+Good balance at this point (but this will be more difficult with more items)
+Interesting and engaging game mode
+Good squad mechanics and splash-screen

-Some tutorials or hints would alleviate much newbie confusion
-Difficult to run (though this should improve). Can't max it out smoothly with 6970
-More in depth bullet ballistics would be nice (penetration, drop)
-I could see many exploits appearing once there's more items, and spawn camping is already a problem

Overall, A+! Super excited for more
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27.04.2014, 00:50

I must say, those graphics looked to me almost as good as Crysis 3, man, the lighting, the shaders, the way the rain reflected on my gun. I an very impressed with the graphics. Now I know I need to go and buy a new GFX card.

The gameplay was very good too. The guns felt pretty nice. PPSH, wow, that thing was amazing!

I also used the Tokarev and the Sniper rifle, the first one you start with, and I found them to handle very great.

Animations were awesome as well.

I just hope I can win the beta lottery more than ever now. I have gotten a taste of the multiplayer and want so much more. I can only imagine how the free roaming is going to be.

Thank you Vostok for opening up the beta to the masses for 24 hours, I think we got to see what we needed to, and I hope you sell more early access copies for people to support this grand endeavor.
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27.04.2014, 01:58

Last night I played about 6 hours of this beta. Although it suffers from numerous shortcomings, this is a potentially great game that could be played for years. The idea is good, but there still missing and some single player campaign, because we - fans of Stalker actually are lone wolves and EXPLORERS, not HEADLESS CHICKENS in just another repetitive MMO shooter.
The graphics are ok, sounds is somewhat flat and poor, and game obvious needs more technically polishing and more should be added, like another story (single player) where we can start build our character and from which should start this MMO action. Thumbs up for developers!

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27.04.2014, 02:54

I really love the game so far, and the only problems I can find with the game so far are some graphics lag, spawncamping, and the anomalies doing way too much damage. And the lack of a tutorial. The PPSH is really good if you can use it well (it stomps with bursts), the Mosin is a bit underpowered (maybe make a more powerful one with a scope?), and the base pistol is really balanced. I bought the long TOZ from scavengers and it is a great gun, just requires a bit of patience to use. I hope there is another doors open day and that they make the game great.
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27.04.2014, 05:07

Nice game, it puts you into the atmosphere of a broken apart world. The visuals and scenery are very good. Selection of weapons, equipment and factions is nice too. Consistent PVP gameplay and realism were shown.

The network speed and response worked very well for me, with small and rare glitches/lags along mission gameplay. Two or 3 times it crashed after a mission ending, but playtime scores/rewards were retained.

For the next betas you could give us 2 or 3 options of guys (faces) to choose among and maybe some more mission gameplay modes (an exploration/search mission could value the anomaly/artifact aspect). A melee weapon (combat knife/club) would be good too, when out of ammo, or close quarters.

The xp/gains faction system is cool and lets you choose your own style (3 options for each faction), but i suggest maybe the player could be rewarded if he/she acomplishes at least any one of those proposed selections, not having to stick to just one of them, because the player could always take advantage and change his own tactics or role during gameplay without being penalized for his/her poor choice before mission start.

Thanks! Hope to getting into the CBT soon! For the lottery :)
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27.04.2014, 08:26

-Unexepectedly good connection, rarely had lag issues.
-Awesome faction progress system.
-Truly innovative loadout sytem.
-Stunning environment and atmosphere
-The weapons could do with a little touch up but they look great for such an early beta
-This might just be me but there should be little hidden stashes of ammo or bandages in the maps to collect as loot
-Weapon controls felt really floaty

I can't really complain for much else seeing as it's early in beta but what I can say is keep up the good work because such progress on an early beta is unheard of!
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27.04.2014, 12:03

i like the exp system for player development not that fond on the level up skills thou
long range engagements feel bad without customisable scopes i can't wait for weapon modding
game curency feels worthless... you can buy all the ammo in the world and it's cheap.. i'm almoust level 8 and have like 100k credits that i don't have on what to spend it

beeing friendly with all factions seemns pointless also... i mean if i choose a faction and work for it ... other factions should hate me for it

not a lot of negative outcomes for my decisitions ...

shotguns seem to outrange pistols... had a game where i was sniping with a shotgun
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27.04.2014, 14:18

The game had given me some great gameplay hours on the 25th and despite some cons like: high ping (barely affected the gameplay for me though) and kinda difficult aiming system for weapons as the mosin nagant, this game still managed to attract me. This game is something I am excited for and can't wait to see how this development will play itself out (especially when gamemodes like freeplay and coop will come out in the future.) Keep it up! :)
PS: Maybe some new character models to choose from can be possible in the near future?
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27.04.2014, 15:36

It was extremely fun. It DIDN'T feel like some games where if you have vanilla weapons, you're a total worthless weakling (Sometimes), it felt like, even with the PPSH and the Mosin, you could kill enemies. I also felt like you did a better job in closed beta than some games do in open beta, granted, you still have a lot of work. I didn't like how everyone looked the same, and the PPSH was painful (soundwise) for a headset-wearer like me, But, overall, it was a fun experience. Well done!
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27.04.2014, 17:57

So I was one of those who waited in the shadows for a open Beta of some sort.

And I did played it in the last 2 days. I got really good impressions as I went playing. Some textures are not the best but from a far the graphics and the ambient are stunning. I like the "Skill" customization and I hope to see a character creation in the future. I didn't had any problems with matchmaking, good and quick. The shop and the inventory were a bit confusing at first, definitely needs a tutorial for that. But my complaints are in the game itself.

I love the kick and the sounds and details of every gun. But in this kind of shooter I hate crosshair, so many annoying people with the speed artifact running around shooting from the hip. That is not going to work.

My problem lays on the balance of guns. At first I made my first match with the Automatic sub-machine gun and I enjoyed it, but I'm a sniper guy and this game is the kind of game you need to be the stealth and patience sniper, so I grabbed the rifle and I was enjoying it so much and I got to lvl 3, 2 new weapons, a 2Verticalbarrel Shotgun and a new Sub-machine-gun I believe it was the "OTs-02 Kiparis", and it was flat out better than the shotgun even at close range because of the crosshair you can fire that from the hip of course you're going to miss a lot more but you have a lot more bullets than the shotgun. So, started playing with it myself, got bored. I wasn't playing Survarium anymore it was another F2P FPS, where the sub-machines are flat out better.

P.S.: I think the game still needs some optimization.

Keep up the good work I have high hopes for this game.
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27.04.2014, 18:27


I just had my first match today and it was impressive! Much better than I expected. Performance was silky smooth on Ultra and was very atmospheric. The lush terrain really made me feel hidden and part of the world during my attempts at stalking other players. The style seemed to be nailed down and really captures that gritty, ruined world image. Graphically it is nice and performance was brilliant. It will be interesting to see how well this carries over into the Open World experience, given that the current zones in match-making battles are naturally smaller scale and thus less demanding.

Mechanically the gameplay felt very good as well. Every action I performed was responsive and every match so far has really felt like a TEAM game in that the playing sides and direction of fire is obvious whilst allowing for a decent amount of sneaking without it becoming frustrating if you found yourself on the receiving end of an infiltrator. I believe this is mostly down to the good level design which was well-balanced between interesting path choices and open side-versus-side firefights. Every opponent I've encountered has been challenging and not without a fair chance at survival even at my character's low and ill-equipped level.

If I was permitted to make a slight criticism at this stage of development, I'd say that some of the movement animations of other players could look more life-like in that I've noticed sometimes they look a bit stiff or as though their foot placements don't match their movement paths as realistically as one might expect, giving the appearance of a kind of slide walk. Perhaps some visible equipment 'physics' could liven things up when observing players traversing the world. Current animations do not subtract anything from the quality of the game!

The sound design is very good too. I get a good sense of atmosphere from the careful use and blending of world soundscapes and gunshots. Nothing jumps out and invades my ears unnecessarily :D

During my time in general chat people were friendly and helpful. I even made a squad friend!

I'm looking forward to seeing new content and character customization in the progressing months!
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27.04.2014, 23:41

Well, almost everything that I wanted to say has been said already, there are some issues with post-match stability and occassional lag-spikes. However, one thing can't be repeated enough:

VOSTOK, you've really nailed the maps. They are absolutely gorgeous, there's so much attention to detail and their atmosphere is sooo tight. Fingers crossed for the freeplay mode, I really hope that you'll deliver.

Gunplay and guns are neat, there's a good balance between realism and accessibility (considering available game mode), Audio varies from good to top notch. I'm playing with all settings besides motion blur cranked and it's butter smooth. Movement feels right. Even the basic PVP mode is a blast (spent entire sunday playing Survarium with a friend).

Last but not least: TOZ-66. You just won the Most Brutal Shotty Ever award.

Looking forward to future updates.
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28.04.2014, 02:10

1. Graphics: The construction of maps and artwork of them is just brilliant and very impressing. I have only one issue which is connected with... colors. Survarium is post-apo game, shouldn't it be more dark, gritty and gloomy? I read some information that colour scheme in PvP mode will be more brighter, and more colorful than in other modes, is that right? I know this is "green apocalypse", but it's still doom, right? So maybe, just maybe, if some of the players would like to have more dismal graphic design, isn't a good idea to put into graphic options some filters? I mean filters like: less saturated colors, VHS-type noise, subtle interlace and other like these. Is it possible, do you think it's a good idea?

2. Gun balance. I will not write about what Surviarium "feelling" of weapons reminds me;-). Shooting in Survarium is fun, plain and simple:-) I'm concerned about gun balance. Well, some of them are perfectly balanced and I have no problem with them. But there are some exceptions like: Mosin carbine. I know that this gun is old and obsolete, but even with shortest barrel it has a lot of punch! initial energy of bullet fired from this short carbine is 3, or 4 times bigger than energy of 7,62X25 fired from PPSz machine gun pistol. In this case I have a feeling that Mosin is much underpowered weapon is Survarium. Why? Because we all know it's old, cheap and as I said before - obsolete. This is well known trend in computer games: "the newer - the better, the older the worse". I think the solution is simple, on the low levels the Mosin can replaced by other weapons, with much lesser stopping power. The choice is huge, you can start even with .22 LR carbines and .25 or .32 pistols. I know that there are many other gun properties like: dispersion, accuracy and mobility, but I think the real power of even old guns shouldn't be faked.


3. Optimalization: Beta was sometimes laggy as hell, espacially map Kurgon was one of the toughest to play with sometimes really extreme lags. Nevermind, I know this is not correct place to submitt bugs and other problems. I will submit some info about my experience in gameplay with my PC which is 5 year old:-)

Specifications of my PC:

CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 630
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6800
Audio: Device: Asus Xonar DS
HDD: Samsung HD502HJ 500 GB

Settings in the game:

There is not much to say about gameplay with this spec and settings, it was rather smooth.
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