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Discussion of Survarium in the context of the Doors Open Day.

25.04.2014, 22:57

Someone, please help, I want to try this game!


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25.04.2014, 22:58

Unfortunately, the friend search doesn't seem to work. Are we doing anything wrong? When I go to the friend list in the left bottom corner and press Add nothing happens whenever I press enter/click on the magnifying glass.
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25.04.2014, 23:02

How to install this - I got only 2Mb exe file and it does nothing (start installing, then shows "error"...)

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25.04.2014, 23:07

still getting post match stats bug.

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25.04.2014, 23:12


Try this:

- Go to your Survarium folder
- then in binaries\win32 folder
- Right click on Survarium.exe - Choose Sent to - Desktop
- Go to your desktop and find a shortcut "Survarium.exe"
- Right click on it - choose properties - shortcut tab - in target line write that: survarium.exe: -max_video_memory=256 (there should be space between survarium.exe and -max_video_memory=256)
This is how it should look like:
- Click Ok

You can try 400, 512

work for me XD
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25.04.2014, 23:19

what is -command for shortcut to run game in English?

and why i cant change resolution?
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25.04.2014, 23:39

a funny possible bug observed today i searched the forums but nobody put in it
at first i thought that it was just luck but after it happened few more times it caught my attention
so when two players were fighting at short distance they kill each other .
it happened once the 2 then 3 then .... i counted 10 times !
i tried to make a video with a program but my game crashed
now i wonder if it was just a coincidence or a bug.
i tried to talk to other players on the server but they were all russians (or something similar ) and we didn't understand each others .
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25.04.2014, 23:53

Couple of hours of playing and it crashed once while it was receiving stats after a match, submitted the error so hopefully that helps.
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26.04.2014, 03:45

I have Windows XP...

In hell I gonna install Windows Vista, 7 or 8...

I can't play it just because I can't and I won't install some other than Windows XP???
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26.04.2014, 04:15

Windows XP is end of life, and is limited to DirectX 10.1, this game uses DirectX 11 and soon enough DX12. If you are going to use an outdated OS you can't expect to run modern games, and it's not just Survarium you will have this issue with, any modern game that requires DX11 as a minimum you will be unable to play unless you upgrade.

Windows 8 is a failure of course but Windows 7 is far superior to Win XP in every way, there's no reason whatsoever to not update.
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26.04.2014, 04:32

So how likely is it, that the game performance will increase significantly towards release?
Atm I played the game at 800x600 resolution with everything on minimum and I'm still sub-30FPS most of the time. It also jumps up and down, which results in stuttering.

I can play games like crysis 1, Warface or Blacklight with 60 FPS. Also red orchestra 2.

I understand that they are older than survarium, but if I can run CryEngine Games on 60 FPS it should be enough imo.
I meet the requirements btw..
Vostok should set them a bit higher for the beta. I dont want to be the guy who thinks he can run the game and buys a founder package and then has a 20ish framerate.

I really like the game even though it was actually impossible for me to play it.
Not the right time for me, to get a new PC atm.
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26.04.2014, 04:34

Its probly just my laptop, but im getting a bug error after I hit the "play" button. no issues with install. Ill try it again on my gaming rig in a bit.

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26.04.2014, 06:54

survarium.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0023:0000002B

game <info> [06:48:33.657] Lobby client: signed in!
game <ERROR> [06:48:33.657] network_client::on_connected_to_lobby
game <ERROR> [06:48:33.716] Unknown Client status received. type = 10
game <ERROR> [06:48:33.720] Unknown Client status received. type = 13
game <ERROR> [06:48:33.730] Unknown Client status received. type = 18
game <ERROR> [06:48:33.736] Unknown Client status received. type = 15
game <ERROR> [06:48:33.894] profile_changed
game <info> [06:48:37.377] squad info arrived rev. 0
game <ERROR> [06:48:38.491] query match stats for 91565
game <ERROR> [06:48:38.706] read match stats for 91565
debug: <ERROR> [06:48:38.771]
debug: <ERROR> [06:48:38.773] ACCESS_VIOLATION : The thread attempts to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have access.
debug: <ERROR> [06:48:38.774]
survarium.exe : ? : 0x0000002b
input <info> [06:48:38.839] mouse exclusive mode is OFF

Already sent. :)
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26.04.2014, 07:10

I figured out what the problem was. The password I was using to log into the site must have been far longer than what the client could handle. After changing the password to something...much...shorter...I was able to log in without the client crashing.
Spank n Uranus, D-vices, and anyone else having problems similar to what we experienced...take a look at your password length and consider changing it. You might have some success with that.
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26.04.2014, 08:27

The games doesn't work for me tryed to reinstall it and runned CCleaner etc. but nothing did work. Shows me Error number 3 or so and when i try to run the launcher it says: Can't run survarium_updater from service nor directly.

CPU:I-5 3570K
RAM amount:8 GB 1866mhz
GPU:Gigabyte Nvidia 660ti OC
GPU latest drivers clean installed (Nvidia: 344.67b, AMD: 14.3b):337.50(Beta) [newest driver availeble atm]
Anything overclocked:like I said GPU is OCed by Gigabyth but besides, no nothing.
HDD/SSD for game install:pretty new and fast HDD
OS installed on same drive as game yes/no:yes
OS version including 32/64 bit:64 bit
Antivirus:Avast Free Antivirus
Antivirus disabled while downloading/installing:---
Torrents enabled/disabled in launcher while downloading:---
Tried cancelling survarium processes in task manager before retrying install:there wasn't even a process to cancel
DirectX runtime manually updated from MS website yes/no:no

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26.04.2014, 09:41

Spotting enemies doesn't seem to work properly. I aim at the enemy, press Q and it rarely works. Also, there is a bug where the enemy instantly regenerates all of it's health on the spot when you kill them, so you have to actually kill them 2 times to down them. It also happened to me, I got killed by a shotgun, then I was suddenly alive at the same spot I got killed and of course, got killed again. It clearly showed at the side of the screen that I got killed 2 times in a row.

One more thing, the game crashed like crazy for me until I put everything on minimum. It ran pretty much OK, except a few crashes.
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