Cologne Bridge

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20.02.2015, 17:46

great tdm map. too narrow for battery mode imo.
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17.03.2015, 19:20

Szlam:I am not very fond of her. The reason?

Mainly I play a hunter artifacts, and on this site there is no anomaly. Zero anomalous = zero artifacts.

maybe a crashed half submerged nuclear submarine under the bridge where artifacts pop up.
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19.03.2015, 16:28

Schuchart:But...I'm a bit worried about the "1. FC Köln"-logos, the red logo of Colognes football club with the white goat standing on it, which are placed on some of the train wagons on the map.

I'm worried about that one too just because I really don't like that club lol

It Bothers me all the time! Maybe I should inform this #%§/-Club to get it removed? (joking) ;-)
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09.04.2015, 13:49

Nice map but not so good
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14.04.2015, 18:25

I like the idea of the map but would like to see it extended.

Some areas under the main bridge in the supports that do not all have linear access but have LOS to each other. Also have some more sections like the raised platform supported by a crane that you need to jump to get too but are potentially deadly if you mis-step.

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22.04.2015, 23:12

Ugly, repetitive and not at all what I'd expected.

Have some deranged mutant winos wheeling about, they will/can attack on sight, infecting you with an alcohol induced rage or coma, as the case may be, you get a bonus if you slot one of the fuckers; there must be some jeopardy here beyond this humdrum of tit for tat extermination.
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26.04.2015, 11:46

This map and the Rudnya to my best in the atmosphere, this school well but is too large which that camping benefits, only missing the map more ideal in survarium one of Pripyat. Pripyat you add where this hotel, with a climate with extreme natural storm and lightning. and schedule almost of night to give it more atmosphere. ;) the imagination :P
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28.07.2017, 21:21

One variation of this map favors one side greatly. They always have high ground.
Designer went 110% with those catwalks and access to rooftops.
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