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This is the place to discuss the game locations, as they are known to the current Survivors.

17.08.2020, 10:55

Match ID: 15332253
Reason: macro
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14.09.2020, 17:04

Player: [CZ SK] Shichigoro
Match ID: 15424672
Reason: kept calling me hacker in the match before then teamkill on purpose
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10.10.2020, 19:58

hello boss I want to report a player, he was my friend, he was already from my clan, and he played almost nothing, he was a bad player, this time he started killing a lot, he said he was using ping programs, exitlag, but this is very abnormal, to question, he said he only uses the ping and macro pragram, but he is using something else
I would like you to analyze this game, he plays sniper as if he were hitting, he doesn't miss a shot, he does shoot, he kills three times more than good players. everyone is complaining about him;
punch doesn't kill him, he has an early view of the other players. already confessed that it uses ping and macro programs. but he must be using something else, all his players are back, look at his link exactly the same, but from 4300 Elo in every game? Do you know any player that does this?

XVenomLordX ID 15461286

x Faria x
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16.10.2020, 18:10

SOK Autocliker
Player: MykolayZack
Match ID: 15520075
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19.10.2020, 12:17

M4rk0 wrote:SOK Autocliker
Player: MykolayZack
Match ID: 15520075

Submit a ticket for such reports.
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