Strange things on maps

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10.09.2017, 14:37

Hello, I want to point out to some strange things on various maps in Survarium, it would be great to correct them in one of the future patches. Some of these things exist on the new map variations, too, and some of them were transferred to the Slaughter variants of the maps.

MOSS OF DEATH - Tarakanovsky fort
This hanging grass/moss hanging from the ceiling of one of the ground floors of the fort is transparent but it magically absorbs any bullets, making you not damaging your enemy at all, while he can shoot your legs.

Shooting between the steel pillars makes your bullets behave in silly ways, or completely disappear. I think that it works in both directions, not only when shooting people on the ground.

You can look through this "window", which is actually a missing texture or something, but you cannot shoot.
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23.09.2017, 00:27

blame it on the Anomalies, some of them are not visible if you ever played S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
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