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04.08.2017, 09:45

Please vostok studio add some new map it is boring to non stop enter same maps i have a suggestion
NPP(Nuclear Power Plant,not an actual name i leave name to developers)

Because we know that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and survarium have so many things in common i just want to pay tribute to the father of survarium.

So it will look like chernobyl NPP and make it a battle ground we can have makeshift armored vehicles and tanks as props not a thing that you can drive of course XD but we can have like mgs placed in some makeshift bunkers and that hey can be usable it will be cool to have that map and we can even have a indoor fight in the npp itself even we can put a WISH GRANTER IN THE REACTOR NUMBER 4 but it will bee highly radioactive.
PS i really hope that you will make this map
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10.08.2017, 21:10

Sounds good... as long as the vehicles and tanks are destroyed and dilapidated looking.

But yes, we definitely need more maps... like several more at least.
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24.08.2017, 03:22

I'd like 1 new map, it's been a while. But I know the team is busy with other things!
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23.09.2017, 00:28

Nervous Wreck:I'd like 1 new map, it's been a while. But I know the team is busy with other things!

Yea there a new map coming soon, its called New Co op PvE mode
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01.01.2019, 23:40

Hello everyone,it will be good to add Post Apocalyptic Moscow or Pripyat..Or some new lab..Eastern villages and towns are best for post apocalyptic games,cuz they have a lot of history and they are just awesome. :)
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02.09.2019, 02:39

prypat is a good map i was thinking like something like this one building and it's shared

just one building and u put the teams inside
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21.09.2019, 10:14

this kind of small civil russian skyscraper (or what ever it is called) is one of the map ideas i always had in mind. maybe the problem would be the small rooms and hallways. the open space between each single building we can see in the video would much more fit into the game mechanics of survarium i think. at least it would be nice to see something similar to this abandoned apartment block as a map in the future.

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27.09.2019, 06:34

owen_reece88 and Omni-Fred, such "russian concrete small skyscrapers" are called "Панельное домостроение" and Russians and Ukrainans identify them by index, eg. 1-528КП-41.

I have posted an official proposal f such map in the "Proposals" section:

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